Friday, October 25, 2019


Hi internet!
Today I am reviewing something really extra ordinary which I NEVER EVER TRIED BEFORE!

My first thought of this when I received the product (Consist of 1 mask + 1 Soap) from Japan was: 

Next, I immediately google this product and it's NO JOKE,
this product really exist and when I read through the reviews,
everyone was amazed with the result and love it much!

You can find more information about the birdpoop facial here:

So I go through more about this product and here is some information:

How it works?

Scientists were able to isolate 3 important compounds from the Japanese Nightingale Droppings and these are Guanine, Urea and Proteolytic Enzymes

Due to the rarity of Cettia Diphone or Japanese Bush Warbler which is the only specie of Nightingale that can produce Uguisu No Fun and the difficulty of catching these birds as they tend to live in high altitude areas, price of Uguisu No Fun is as high as 2 Kobans per 1 Hyakume ( $1,500 U.S Dollars per 375 grams in today’s value) hence, only the very rich Japanese can afford this treatment such as the Empress, female members of the imperial family and daughters of feudal lords.
Luckily in these days and glad that they have technology to produce volume of them so we could enjoy this precious beauty secret!

Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun Illuminating Mask is the only mask in the world made from 
100% pure Uguisu No Fun. 

It contains the highest concentration of Guanine that illuminates the skin and Proteolytic Enzymes that effectively eradicate the dull layer of the skin revealing a brighter, poreless and smoother skin in just 3-5 sessions. 

Natural Urea guarantees optimum skin hydration, cellular regeneration and skin healing while preventing sign and symptoms of skin ageing and photodamage. 

In Japan, Bird Poop Facial or Geisha Facial as it is known in high end beauty clinics. 

Mix 1 teaspoon of Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun Illuminating Mask powder 
with warm water and make a paste. It smells great, without any poop smell =D

Apply on the skin while avoiding the eyes.

Leave for 10 minutes or longer then rinse. 

After 10 minutes, the mask dried up and you may rinse off the mask!

Just 1 session, my skin feels smooth and supple!
Those reviews is REAL!


Lather the facial wash with hands and mix half teaspoon of the mask in the lather. 
The soap smells great too!!!!

Wash the face using this mixture and rinse. 

The Illuminating Soap contains the highest concentration of Guanine that illuminates the skin and Proteolytic Enzymes that effectively eradicate the dull layer of the skin revealing a brighter and smoother skin in just a few wash.

Wet the skin and use the soap directly touching the skin. DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH OR A BATH SPONGE. Create a rich lather by rubbing the soap using a circular motion for the face and linear motion for the body, arms and legs. Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Use every time you shower for best results.

Ingredients: 100% Enhanced Japanese Nightingale Bird Droppings (Uguisu No Fun). 
This product is UV sterilized and is 100% free from any harmful microorganism. 

Manufactured By Uguisu Poo Co. Ltd. Japan 

Review after tested both products:

I really amazed with the products and my skin is much smoother just by using it for a single session!
From the before after comparison, you can notice that my skin after the treatment was much brighter and pore seems not that noticeable!

Nightingale droppings are rich in guanine and urea, which both play a major role in the impressive brightening and anti-aging effects of this procedure.
In Japan, it has been referred to by the Japanese as “Time Lock Facial”, “Geisha’s Secret”, “Miracle Powder”, “Dust of Eternal Youth” and “Powder of The Goddess”.
I would re-purchase both of this products as a maintenance of my skin and add this into my skin care routine!

For more information and to purchase this product, you may check out on their website below:

They do ship worldwide.

Hope you enjoy my review!


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