Thursday, June 4, 2020


Hi internet!
How is everyone doing during MCO?
Me? Working from home just like everyone but guess what,
my skin become dull and dry!

I not sure am I the only one that having this issue, 
as less make-up do let me think that my skin will actually better during these days,

Then I think throughly what goes wrong in this entire cycle.
I did makeup once in awhile when I need to shoot some merchandise/ shooting some videos.
 cleanse > toner > serum> moisturiser
I did apply mask twice a week. 

Then I suddenly recall that I did not went to facial in this 90 days, 
and actually removing makeup is kind of exfoliate act that removes the dead skin.
Thus, my skin turn bad secretly without any signal.

Lately I got this mask

Yeah I know the name is quite long 
But this mask DO HELP MY SKIN!

At first I thought it might just like the normal mask,
just help a little and goes back to normal the next day.
But no harm trying right, so I TRIED and 

How to apply this mask correctly:

1. This mask comes with a 
Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Apply this first before the mask for optimum result.

This serum is a fast-absorbing and potent hydration serum that helps nourish and sooth dry and tired skin, giving skin a healthy and radiant glow!

Skin become supple right after the serum!!

2. Apply 

This is how it looks like after tearing the packaging.
The net is to protect the Bio-Cellulose mask and easier for us to apply on our face.

This is how it looks after removing the net, and enjoy it for the next 20-30 minutes!
One thing I like about Bio-Cellulose mask is it holds on your skin
and wont fall no matter you are walking or jogging!  XD

What is Bio-Cellulose?
Is an exopolysaccharide produced by various species of bacteria. 
Is the combination of 99% cellulose which made up of glucose.
Bio-Cellulose itself does represents a physical barrier against bacterial invention, 
which efficacy connect with the 3D structure strength. 
The best thing is Water Absorption Capacity for Bio-Cellulose was calculated as 1150%

It soothes my skin immediately and makes me feel relax and feed my skin with
lots of lots of lots of water!

 All natural toxin-free sheet that is made from unique bacteria strain
 that are extra soft & gentle for the skin! 

Holds fluids 100 times its dry weight and 
10 times more than fabric or paper mask sheets.
Provides hydration & nourishment to help soothe skin.
Provides superb dermal contact, locking in moisture & effectively delivering serum to the skin.
Transports 90% active ingredients deep into skin in JUST 10 minutes!!

My skin is plump and glowing after applying

It is advisable to apply weekly or you may use it as
S.O.S Mask for some special occasion or important dates!
In my opinion, it worth the price as you can see the result right away and my skin
is hydrated even for the next few days with proper skin care routine!

Good news is with every purchase of 1 case (3 pcs) you will get another 1 pcs FOR FREE from 
4th June 2020 - 12th June 2020 
Grab it now and try this legendary mask and see the difference yourself!

That's all for today!
Hope you enjoy my review and see you soon!


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