Friday, August 14, 2020

REVIEW: Yewhadam Revitilizing Pre-Anti-Aging care

Hi Internet!
Today I would like to share about 

I am not too sure about your age,

If you are nearing age of 25, you better be well prepared
for the PRE-ANTI-AGING care that I gonna focus about it today!

As you know Korean is well known of their beauty regimen that passed through generations.
THE FACE SHOP is introducing an anti-aging care line Yehwadam that delivers the 
essence of Korean Traditional beauty regimen uses 3 kinds of natural ingredients which is
herbs, plants and flowers!

YEHWADAM Revitalizing Pre-Anti-Aging care is one of the skin care series that
are suitable for your skin if you are 25 years old and above! 

It is formulated with Korean traditional herbs and flowers extracts found in Korea’s 
cleanest and pristines areas such as Ginseng from Gyeongbuk Province, 
Safflower from Sancheong Jirisan mountain and Goji Berry from Chungnam Province.

This series helps to improve vitality for soft skin texture and bright complexion!
Yehwadam Revitalizing anti-aging herbal line comes with complete skincare essential
from toner, serum, emulsion, eye-cream and cream!

Today I will share these 3 products that I try out recently!
If you are a FAN OF ROSY SCENT, this series will definitely suit you well!

1. Yehwadam Revitalizing Toner, 160ml

A revitalising toner that replenishes dry flaky skin with moisture by balancing acidity 
levels that provides a healthy and vibrant look! 

When I tried this product on my hand, the rosy scent flew right away from the toner as if I am in a rose plantation! =D
And it absorb quickly to my skin with silky finish, I can feel my skin is "regen" and awake!

How to use: 
Apply to clean, dry skin. Dispense an adequate amount and gently pat into skin 
with the palms of your hands to aid absorption.

Refreshing, Calm

Watery, easy to absorb.

2. Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum, 45ml

A revitilizing serum that firmly adheres to skin and provides healthy and vibrant skin
finish. It contain flowers extract such as lotus flower that soothes the skin and honeysuckle flower
that helps to remove puffy and red areas of the face!

The scent of this serum is the same with the toner that I mentioned above!
After application, I felt my skin is plump and hydrated instantly!

How to use:
After applying toner, dispense an adequate amount and gently 
apply on the face in an outward direction.

Refreshing, Calm

Slightly gummy, after applying skin feels moisturised.

3. Yehwadam Revitilizing Emulsion, 140ml 

The highly moisturizing nourishing emulsion in soft
texture provides nutrients to skin all day long. 

The last step of this series! The same rosy scent that makes me feel calm!
Gel-ish kind of texture so it's easy to absorb to the skin and you are ready to go!

How to use:
After applying serum, dispense an adequate amount and gently 
apply on the face in an outward direction.

Refreshing, Calm

Soft and easy to absorb.

That's all for today review and strongly recommended to you
if you are about 25 years old and above! 
Take a good care of your skin so people can't tell your age easily!

Hope you enjoy the review and see you real soon!
*love & kisses*


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