Monday, October 19, 2020

REVIEW: Yehwadam Artemisia Series


Hi internet!πŸ‘‹
Just about two months ago, I blogged about 
Yehwadam Revitilizing Pre-Anti Aging Care
(link as below)
that been my favorite skin care for 2 months!

This October I realise THE FACE SHOP had a 
brand new series from the same line,
Yehwadam Artemisia !

Being a huge fan for THE FACE SHOP, 
I end up trying this series lately and today 
I gonna share with you about my humble thoughts!

So my first thought for this term - ARTEMISIA
?!?!?!?what is this ahh? 
hmmm ( don't laugh πŸ˜’)
Is okay to learn new things, so I did a little research!

Artemisia is a popular ingredient in Korean Skincare,
the ingredient focuses on calming the skin while 
strengthening the skin barrier.

✅Best for Dry, Combination, Oily, Aging and even Acne Prone skin!
✅If you are having skin concerns like Redness, Itchiness and Acne, 
this series will definitely help soothes your skin.

What type of skin benefits the most from Artemisia? 

Every skin type can benefit from Artemisia Extract. 
For oily and combination skin types, this ingredient will balance oil production, 
moisturize the skin without feeling heavy, and help heal acne. 

Dry skin types would also enjoy Artemisia because 
it has calming and soothing properties that can 
help with redness or itchiness caused by dry patches on the skin. 

What benefits does it have on the skin? 

Artemisia helps calm and soothe redness on the skin while also healing acne/breakouts. 
It’s also packed with Vitamin A (great for skin renewal and regeneration) 
and Vitamin C (a skin brightening and protecting ingredient)! 

With all the benefits and skin-saving components infused in Artemisia, 
this ingredient is perfect for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. 
(omg, isn't this so promising!!!?)

What skincare products contain this ingredient?

Yehwadam Artemisia SeriesπŸ‘πŸ’š

Korean natural artemisia soothes tired skin and provides sufficient moisture to the skin.

πŸ‹ The fresh Lime, Bergamot's Citrus, 
and the gentle Lavender blend together, with a subtle Woody scent. 

Cooing perennial artemisia, 
harvested from June to August in Korea 
to deliver soothing skin relief from the summer heat.

1. Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Toner

A soothing moisture toner that creates a moisture sealing film over the skin, 
quickly moisturizing it for a clean and refreshing finish.

You can apply it straight away and tap it on your skin with fingers. 
However, I pump a few pumps on a pure cotton pad and wipe through my face.
This is my daily routine because it could also clear dead skins or impurities that
left on my skin, by doing this I felt that my skin is clean and moisturized!

A soothing moisture emulsion that creates a thin moisture sealing film over the skin 
while deeply moisturizing skin for a refreshing finish.

Love the way how Yehwadam develope their serum, 
it locks moisture on my skin but without a heavy and sticky feeling!
This series has a refreshing lime+lavender+ bergamot scent that
makes me feel so relaxing!😌

3. Yehwadam Artemisia Soothing Moisturizing Cream

A soothing moisture cream that provides an instant burst of hydration 
for a refreshing finish without leaving a sticky after feel. 

After applying, it absorbs to the skin in seconds and my skin feel fresh all day!

Formulated with Artemisia Capillaris Leaf Extract to provide
ample moisture to soothe dry, tired skin. 
The Korean herbal formula with Safflower and
 Red Ginseng Extract helps to restore skin's natural radiance for a healthy look.


This Yehwadam Artemisia Series is definitely a good buy as it contains
so so much benefits in a bottle! No matter what skin condition you are having, 
PICK this series will NEVER GO WRONG!

You might ask, then which range is suitable for your skin since previously I did
review about the Yehwadam Revitilizing Pre-Anti Aging Care series.

It depends what is your MAIN CONCERNS for your skin right now.
Case 1:
I am 30 this year, combination skin and I starting to see fine lines on my face, 
which series should I try?
For case 1, I would reckon you to go for Yehwadam Revitilizing Pre-Anti Aging Care, 
as this is what you should focus on anti-aging and reduce appearance of fine lines.

Case 2:
I am 30 this year, my skin is dry and sensitive, once in awhile I will have a few acne on my face,
which series should I try?

For case 2, I would reckon you to go for Yehwadam Artemisia Series as the active 
ingredients could helps you to soothes your skin and calm your skin.

So I hope you understand you skin well before getting a new skincare!
Of course you can also DM THE FACE SHOP Instagram/ Facebook,
their friendly crews will assist you so you could get the suitable skin care that
makes you look good! hehehe

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That's it for my review today, and I will definitely share more great skincare
soon in my blog! Stay tune!

Hope you enjoy reading and learning! 
See you soon!xoxo


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