Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[ UPDATED NEW VICTIMS ] I am a victim of Cybercrime: FAKER CASE ISSUE

Hi internet!
Thanks for spending time clicking in to see how I am literally bullied by this FAKER.
尽这几年,一直被用我照片的骗子网路欺凌 :(((

First of all, just in case you do not understand the term of FAKER, I will explain the term as below:
1. Someone that will illegally used your photos without your permission and impersonating you.

他/她 用你的照片,让他人误认照片中的是他/她, 以进行感情或金钱行骗。

Why would such character exist?
1. They just wanted to be you so freaking badly! (poor thing :(
2. They want to scam others that thought that was you on CASH or RELATIONSHIP. (This is scarry)
3. They just hate you and wanted to use your photo to do something bad or post some slutty comments or posts in their Facebook that are faking you. (This is so sick)

1. 他们毫无人生可言,好想成为拥有精彩生活的你。好可怜 :((
2. 他们想要利用你的样子欺骗你的感情或金钱。这。。。很可怕呃 -.-|||
 3. 有些人就会嫉妒讨厌你,就用你的照片报复,让别人也对你厌恶/// 这。。。是病态了呃 @@

Okay, here is the story begins.
This person, was faking me for at least 2-3 years. My friends always inbox me when they found someone fake me. We did reported to Facebook, and Facebook team did take down the profile. I thought everything will be fine after that. But guess what, the faker just easily create another facebook account and faking me again and again. :((((

已经一直用我的照片开FB,我举报了, 他又在开 (俗称:打不死的FAKER)

That time, I feel helpless as nothing I really can do. But things getting serious lately. So I decided to ask one of my guy friend to add her and see what she really gain from faking me.

那是,真的好无阻哒 :'(((
所以这名伟大的卧底冒着生命危险深入虎穴(不然怎么焉得虎子 XDD)

My friend added her at Facebook and she accepted right away. After that, she inbox my friend that whether he had a wechat account or not and added him right away as well. (super efficient huh!)

我朋友加了他的FB, 他立马加入好友了。(噢耶///
(那感觉。。。好灵异!! 感觉是看着分身的自己做可怕的事情)

Here comes the drama:

Faker: hi
Victim: hi
Victim: Are you Taiwanese?
Faker: Malaysian
Faker: Take a photo of yourself and show it to me

Victim: What is your name?
Faker: Tiffany
Faker: What are you working as?
Victim: I am doing some IT Business
Victim: Designing website
Victim: How about you? Still a student?

Faker: I am a beautician 
Victim: From Penang?
Faker: Yup!
Faker How about you?
Victim: KL

Victim: Just finished my dinner.
Victim: I wanted to hear your voice
Victim: Must be a sweet voice
Victim: Why just now you din speak?
----The faker videocall my friend to check whether this target is safe or not, but the faker video always appears to be black screen and silent----
Faker: My mouth still hurts
Faker: Just done a dental operation lately
(The faker just know lots of excuses to not to voice chat or videocall)

---She invite videocall AGAIN---
Faker: Let me see whether is there anyone in your room.
Faker: I visit you in KL during my holiday
Victim: You always travel to KL?

---Start sending my photos to temp guys! GOSHH (Those photos she taken from my Facebook)---
Faker: Seldom

Faker: My photos!
Faker: I am less active in Facebook so seldom upload photos there
Faker: You can use voice chat if you want

Faker: Yup
Faker: That short hair is fake hair
---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN---
Faker: Will you cherish your girlfriend?
Faker: Do you have a girlfriend?
(Start to hint and give hope to guys)

Faker: Why will you add me?
Victim: [Voice] Because you are pretty
Faker: Or did someone ask you to add me?
---The faker start to suspect---
Victim: [Voice] No, just wanted to be friend

Faker: You can scroll through my moments, my phone spoilt and haven't get fix
Faker: Why should I hide myself? How could you think me that way?
Faker: I should not accept your request at the first place
Faker: =(
Faker: I don't wanna bother you anymore
---Starting to give logic excuses to not switch on the webcam---

Faker: I wanna see you in pyjamas
---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN---

Victim: [Voice] Don't want because i am really shy 
Faker: I wanna see
---Scamming project start!---

Faker: Stand up! I wanna see you!
Faker: I will let you know later
---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN---

Faker: Take off your clothes
Faker: in your room
---The faker wants the victim to take off clothes to snap their photos and threaten for money---

Faker: I like to be straight forward
Faker: I am a model in KL
Victim: [Voice] Why wanna take off?
Faker: You single and I am single, I choose to trust you and wanna chat with you happily!

---Why taking off clothes means chatting happily?! What is the logic, dear faker?---

---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN---
Faker: Do you wanna take off?
Faker: Don't wanna disturb you anymore
Victim: [Voice] I wanna know more about you and someone was in my room.

---Send my Redang bikini photos to my friend (Being Sexy is not my type, I only have this few relatively exposed bikini in my album, yeah the faker use it very well)---
Faker: give you this!
---The faker try the last chance to trap those naive guys--

---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN---

Faker: I wont bother you anymore
Faker: BYE
Faker: Every men in this world is all bad
---Dear faker, I mean where is your logic again? Not taking off clothes to show you mean bad guys? ---
Victim: [Voice] wait!
Victim: [Voice] I can explain

---She invite videocall AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN---
Faker: I want you to love me
Faker: I dare not know new guys already
Faker: You are the most mature guy that I had ever met and wanna know are you a good guy
---Oh dear faker, really? See a person body can determine he is good or bad guy? I am impressed with your brilliant logic sense---
Faker: I will delete you
Victim: That serious?
(Opps, mission failed)

Faker wechat ID: girl6108 (Latest update new wechat id: Purpletiff_ry)

Ok, that's not the end yet.
Then one day, a Facebook stranger just inbox me and asking do I have Meowchat (I never had meowchat account) or wechat with user name.


Heres comes the Drama Scene 2:

Victim A: Sorry to disturb. Do you have meowchat account? And your wechat Id is it girl6108? I just wanna confirm something and I think someone is faking you.
Me: No! It must be faker, and this is not the first time, FB also someone did faking me before.
Victim A: Tha's alright! She lie a lot to me, I thought how lucky I am to get to know a pretty girl.
Victim A: Sigh
Me: Then how do you find the real me?
Victim A: She even say that she is an orphan
Me: What!!!? I have a good and caring family!!
Victim A: She act like very pity. At first I believe, but suddenly she said that she likes me. I was like, stunt! As we never met before.

Me: Did she ask you to take off your clothes?
Victim A: I din take off, don't be silly!
Me: Great!
Victim A:She send me a half nude photo to me
Me:The same person using the same method!What? My nude?

Me: I did not take those kind of photos!
Victim A: She send me without showing the face
Me: I know right! I won't do this kind of stuff!
Victim A: Haha, I knew that!
Me: That's scarry!
Victim A: You better becareful!

 I am so mad that time. But I still can't think of any solution. And hypnotize myself that ignorance is a bliss. 
And yet, I am wrong. As recently another guy inbox me about the faker AGAIN!!!

Victim B: Hi
Victim B: Do you have two Facebook account?
Me: No! I have only one account
Victim B: Is it?
Me: Yup, others are faker.

Victim B: I see
Me: Which account did you found out? I had report several times.
---Victim B send me the printscreen of the brilliant faker---

This is her Facebook account:
Please help to report if possible. But she will be creating new account again. That is the purpose I blog about this case to create more awareness so more people know about cybercrime and cyberscam is really scary.

What she did to those innocent naive guys, supposed to be asking them to take off the clothes and the faker will printscreen and threaten those guys for money.

These 2 guys know something was wrong and enable to find the real me, I believe that there is a lot of guys out there that really thought that she was me. I really don't wish my photos to be a tool for those scammers to con money from others. So i really really hope you guys don't simply trust a stranger online. You might be asking why I am sharing so many photos on my Facebook public to let these scammers get the chance to steal your photos? Yeah, I love taking selfies and share on my facebook doesn't mean I allow those scammers to make use of it. If because of these scammers and I don't take selfie anymore or even change my own lifestyle because of them. Yeah, I won't. I will still be myself. Now I had a new habit, that is WATERMARK! 

I believe that there are more girls out there like me, bullied by those faker, using our photos to con CASH or RELATIONSHIP.

So I hope you guys can share this out and let more people concern about this and be really careful when meeting new stranger friends.

Be really alert when some want to borrow MONEY, ask you to TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES, or saying I LOVE YOU in a short period of time. 

Thanks for your time again, and I really hope we can together againts Cybercrime/Cyberbully/Cyberscam!

Let the FAKER knows the power of social media  and the internet! And again, don't mess with a blogger! ROARRR!

I think my blogpost is not going viral enough. The faker still using my photos to cheat around. 
Please help to share to get more people aware of this matter! I had already made police report regarding this matter.
But no matter how, I still need you to share this so the faker will not able to cheat by using this way anymore!







The faker is so SICK, please help to share! Thanks!


  1. Im sorry about your problem, :(
    you might need to change your facebook privacy of all your photos.
    Just advice :)

  2. Im sorry about your problem. I did face it before and I really understand your feeling, I suggest you to report polis like Felixia Yeap, she also report to polis fort faker case, you might watch out her fb pages or inbox her, she did share how you report which department you can do it. I hope u can do it in case in future the faker did any criminal case, you can out from all this trouble. Wish you have a good luck, =)

    1. Hi Hikari! Thanks for your advise! Yea, I will make a police report soon! :)

    2. You are welcome. I hope that you can out from all this trouble. God bless U. =)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is ridiculous! Hope you won't meet any of them any more! Good luck tiff <3

    Nicole Yie

  5. Hi Miss Tiffany, as your biggest fan I felt so bad after reading this blog. As I told you, I kept looking on your account for almost 4 years and I found another one but I just don't mind and didn't think that it is yours. Here is the link anyway~

    I think some people are doing it because they are just insecure and thought that they can easily earn money by stealing others identity.

    Always be strong Miss Tiffany! Ressh is always here supporting you.

    Aja! <3

  6. yupp theres no more privacy nowadays! anyway cheer up!

    1. Hi Henry!

      Yea T_T
      Thanks anyway!! If can please help me to share out to avoid more naive guys to get cheated.

  7. good evening tiffany,

    i too, was a victim of a fake facebook account.

    you can lodge a report at cyber999.

    they deal with investigations for fake facebook account too. you can then use the results of the investigation as support for your police report.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. OMG ... i was googling " report fake wechat account " and I came across your blog.. I'm facing exactly similar issues like yours !!!! =_= .. Been 3 whole years ! Start from FB then to Wechat now :(..i felt insecure when going out alone now as I experienced twice (random guys walked to me saying we talk before & those XXX rated msg) the fake still around carry on with the stupid activities?

    1. Hi Dear, just forge a Police report and take a photo and put it in your facebook (make sure you censored private informations before that)! It works! You can take a look at my open letter to my faker, and he/she really reads.

      Hope my post do help you ease some worries. My faker stops after I posted the Open Letter. :)

  10. Like this, many female also face physical sexual harassments. It is really awful for the victim person. They feel hard to forget the situation, they had to go through. You can talk about your sexual trauma, and move on from the negative core of beliefs.