Saturday, August 22, 2015

[Vodelle] Easiest way to mix & match high-waist skirt! ♥

Hi Internet!
I am back from Sdyney and here I am to pick up on some long lost article!
It's been awhile after the DENIM post for the hand picked #ootd that I would like to share with you girls!
Some numbers of followers wants me to show them some the easiest mix & match on SKIRTS.

So here we go!♥

Don't get skirt too complicated. They are really easy when you understand them.

If you picked a flowery skirt or with complicated designs, go simple for your tops!
Black/White plain top works wonder! (YES! TRUST ME!)

There are some example as below!♥
Benefits on long skirt: HIDES all your fats, look more classy when your thigh is covered up! =DD

Pleated Printed Midi Skirt

This long-high-waist skirt with cute cartoon design makes you look younger and fresh!
*Hides your age well!*


Printed Midi Skirt
I love SWALLOW GRID style! 
Wearing this looks so classy and you can just wear like this to a wedding dinner with a clutch and a high heels!

Pleated Printed Skirt
Dating with your man or chilling with your BFF on a tea-time, this skirt makes perfect!
Shorter skirts makes you leg looks longer and sexier *shy*

Pleated Printed Skirt

Plain tops makes wonder on a plain high waist long skirt too!
This combination make you a good girl look!
Wearing this to meet your boyfriend parents, they will usually thought that you are a really good and wise girl at their first glance!
Of course, I only can help you on the first glance, other than that you need to work out yourself! =D


SIMPLE is still the master key for mix & match if you are a newbie!
Every girl need a little black dress in your wardrobe but for me a little black skirt is a must too!
I picked 2 little black skirt for your reference that stays evergreen!

Printed Layer Skirt

Line Plush Cotton Crop Top with Sleeve

Line Plush Cotton Crop Top with Sleeve

Pleated Skirt

Pleated Short Skirts looks like a cheer leader! YAYY!
You may just wear a plain T-shirt for a basic look or a baseball top like this to make yourself a cheer leader! =DD

SIMPLE explanation right on how to wear it right?

Here I am for a bonus video on behind the scenes!
Hope you enjoy my video and subscribe my Youtube Channel here!! offers quality outfit and hassel free online shopping!



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