Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[Beauty] Bausch+Lomb Lacelle contact lens review! *with video attached*

Hey guys!
Today I gonna review Bausch+Lomb latest collection
 that I was invited as a blogger to attend the launching last Friday night at Sunway Pyramid!

I had a fun time with the photo booth and also the performances by local artiste! =D

There are 7 colors and all are them looks great!
At the end I picked Amethyst Violet for the review!
*Want some mysterious look~ =DDD*

This is the one! Shine like a diamond!

So this is me without any make up on the face and eyes
(but I did touch up my eyebrow to look smarter..? maybe, yarr!! *laugh*)

Say hi to my favorite kitty name MIMO! *wave*

Totally bare face, bare eyes!


Here is me with the LACELLE lens on!

Like a diamond in my eyes!! Shine like a diamond~Oh oh~ =D

Lens on with Mimo~ 

LOOK DEFINITELY OKAYYY although without makeup!
Some lens if you wear it without make up makes you look weird.
If you are those natural look seeker, go for Topaz Brown and Amber Brown will be just nice!

Here is the before and after!
Looks smarter too!! *laugh*

Okay, bonus video for you of me wearing the lens and comparison!

Bausch + Lomb Facebook:

Hope you enjoy my review and blog!
See you soon!



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