Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[Cafe Review] Beans N Beans Korean Cafe makes you thinks that you are a Korean!

Hi internet!
I gonna bring you guys to Korea without a passport!
If you are a Kpop or Kdrama lover, you definitely have to pay a visit here as there are real OPPA literally working here! 
Okay, lets put the OPPA aside, the BINGSU at BEANS N BEANS you can never try it in other place in MALAYSIA at this moment! (I SWEAR)

Here comes a question!
What is a BINGSU?
Bingsu is something like ICE KACANG, but in a Korean way of Ice Kacang!
In Beans n Beans, the Bingsu ice is real flavoured ICE Blend that MELT RIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!! 
Don't wait, just try!

Okay, let's start with a short video on the ambience of the cafe and the food that we tried!

KOREAN Cafe Interior!

The varieties of the Bingsu! 
My favorite will be CHOCOLATE BANANA!!!!!

Besides Bingsu, Coffee is their Specialty as well!
OPPA told me that they tried a lot of beans before finalising the best one for their customers!
Then I always wanted to try the 3D art coffee then I just asked randomly.
"OPPA, do you have the 3D coffee art here?", I asked.
"YES, we can tailor-made a coffee that is not is our menu for you!", OPPA said!
AHHHH, I feel so spoiled and pampered!!

And here is the 3D Kitty Coffee that I requested!

How CUTE!!!
OPPA really tailor made this for me as I told him I wish to have a "sweeter" coffee!
I enjoy how korean pampered their customers!

Oh ya, I came together with my Joewy for the cafe review!

Both of us LOVES DESSERT!!!!!

This Matcha OPPA made specially for her!
(If you know Joewy in person, she is a green tea lover!) =D

Here is our FOOOOODDDD!! (just partly, some bingsu OPPA still preparing =D )

My Top Favorite Bingsu! (RM16.80)
Very rich chocolate Bingsu with super reasonable price!
Even when the ice is all melted, I drink them! =DD

Korean Toast with Cheese!
Don't judge by the looks, this is one of my favorite in Beans N Beans.
Bite and cheese burst right into your mouth with the touch of chicken ham!

Signature Hot Chocolate!
Nice art with enriched chocolate!

Korean Marinated Chicken Sandwich with Chips!
Awesome combination with the korean special sauce chicken with chips and vegetables!
Healthy and satisfied!

Eat this while it is served!
Taste great when you eat this while it is still hot! (slightly spicy)
Mixed perfectly combo with Chocolate Bingsu!

Both of this Pie is great to combo up with a cup of hot Coffee!

Cheese Bingsu!
Advisable to share this as it is quite filling due to there are cheese cake cubes in the bingsu!
Maybe you might feel a bit awkward when cheese mixed with ice.
Trust me, is gonna be great if you love CHEESE! 

The Original Bingsu (Patgi Bingsu) RM15.80
Vanila base with Read Bean Paste!
Simple and nice!

Bring your Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/ Wife /Husband/ BFF/ Classmates/ Colleagues
for some chit chat gathering!

Add:  N-06-21, First Subang, Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Tel: +60-3-56120873


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