Friday, November 6, 2015

Respond on Essena O’Neill revealing the Truth of Social Media!

Hi Internet!
Is been a month not updating my blog as 
 been busying on my work and business trips lately.
I had a numbers of blog post and vidoes that are still pending, 
but my friend 

send me the link and shocked me seriously and I decided to blog about it.

 I might not qualified to discuss about this as 
I am not famous 

and don't have 100k followers in my Instagram account.
Been blogged for 4 years and my up to date followers
is just 16k but I am still grateful to have them in my life. :)

So what's up with this?
About an Instagram Model Essena O'Neill "Revealing the truth" go viral.
You may read this at the below link:

People always thought that being a blogger is EASY, the truth is NOT EASY!

Nothing easy if you don't work hard for it.
I am not a full time blogger, so my time is LIMITED.

Sometimes I even turn out to be a part time 
photo-shooting model for online store on the weekends.

I worked from Monday- Friday, I need to sacrifice my weekends and weekdays 

night to blog and make my Youtube videos and editing usually takes up half a day.

Sometimes I even blog during vacation or even on the plane to 

fully utilized my time to do something I like a lot.

Frankly speaking, not all blogpost is paid.
I only blogged on things that I have interest in 

and tried myself before sharing it with my followers.

So no matter what, I don't complain about my job 

or even though I don't have enough time for myself.
Afterall, is MY CHOICE and I enjoy what I choose to be.

I glance through the news and I was mind blown with her statement!
According to her, she said that she took 100 photos just for the similar post to try to make her stomach look good and hardly eaten for that day.

That was her choice and decisions and 
I can't figure out why she put the blame on social media?

If she is blaming social media for yelling at her sister for taking her best pose,
then I seriously don't get her logic.

Does this means that I have super stressed at my work, 
then I am blaming my boss and colleagues for that?

Why not put it this way, replace her sister with a tripod, 
retaking the photos by herself, and workout to get the better looking stomach that you desire. 

Get the problem FIXED instead of complaining on social media that everything is NOT REAL.

And look, taking 100 photos just to pick one that looks good, 
I don't see any problem here. 

Everyone hope to looks good and post things that makes herself feels happy.
As for me, I only post positive things and achievements and 

work hard on things that I am not good into.

Ask yourself, will you post your worst photo on the internet? 
And again, your choice to post. :)

According to her, she get $400 to post a photo on her Instagram and 
she wasn't happy with the lies and she said everyone should know.

Firstly, I think this is a fair trade, and it is an advertisement after all.
Again, your choice to take up this deal, so stop complaining.

For example, you get a job, and you complain your job everyday, 
but your company pays your salary. 
Either you shut up and work, or just quit your job.

Secondly, advertisement that appears on the TV with famous artist as ambassador,
erm, base on your logic, they do it for free?

Many big brands even announced that how much they spent on every endorsement.

Public knows well about all these, you don't have to stressed on this paid advertisement.

If you wanted to be real, you can always be real in social media as well.
Nothing wrong with social media, but you are the one who should improve.

Fix your problem but not just crying and complaining. :)

If you wanted to quit and feel what you had done is worthless, just quit silently.

And posting a video with emotional (she cries) about telling "the truth" makes her to get even more attention than she ever had before.

Everyone was sharing in Facebook, with free publicity and 
now everyone know who is Essena O’Neill.

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