Friday, July 15, 2016

Open Letter to my Ex Work Pals!

Hi to my dearest work pals!

Thanks for treating me with true & kindheartedly!
I am consider very very lucky to have bunch of colleagues that  treating me
real, friendly, helpful and caring. As for me, colleagues is part of my family because I gonna stay with them at least  8 hours 5 days in a week! (it's even more time spend with them compare to my family and boyfriend)

This blog I would like to thank them that be part of my life and I believe we will stay best
friends even we are not working together anymore. The way I look in my job is to work like I am not even working, because I love my job, like a lot that makes me feel I am enjoying more than working. With them, my team, is just like a pair of wings for me to fly further together.

We learn things together, grow together and know each other more everyday and now become really good friends. Work is great when everyday is a gathering day with your best friends and gain experience together. This is not easy at all, but I am glad that we did it!
The best thing is also when you are able to changed someone personality from a quiet person into a crazy person!! ERR, yeah dramatically changed, Miss V, Miss W and Miss YS!

When you have a team like that, you eventually work unconsciously!
While we had lunch, we talk about our problems during work, and we give opinions on how those errors and faulty could reduce, talk about how we can improve and fasten the way we do.
But we never felt that this is a meeting, but we manage to get things done even without notice!
After we realised, we found that this is a good communication and how team spirit works.

Dear Miss C, I traveled with you the most! (even more than my family and boyfriend).
We used to do our purchasing and quality control together in different countries and we fixed problem that we had never thought it could happen before that eventually made us learn and experienced in this industry. Sometimes we don't even need to talk, and I know what you need and you know my needs. Thank you again to be one of my best working partner that I had ever had!

Miss V is the cutest and kindest among us! She is always be the hot topic of us as she always been "bullied" by evil us! MUAHAHAHHAHHA! I hope that you can be more confident in the future and miss your laughter! ( I STILL KEEP THAT VIDEO!!!! YOU KNOW IT RIGHT!!) *evil laugh*

Previously I had another colleague that are also extremely quiet, Miss QX! Miss you lots!
After you had left, things changed and miss the way how we work together previously.
Do live the life that you always wanted and you GO GIRL!!

And the only guy in our office Mr S, I am really glad to work together with you! Sorry been too noisy with the girls hope you won't find us annoying as we really enjoy working together! We had been walk through storms together as a team. I believe that you can be a really good leader in the future!

Lastly, I do wish to say thank you to my director for having me all these years and giving me chance to learn, explore, learn from mistakes and gain experience. You are a good leader and family oriented
person that makes a good role model for all of us. Although sometimes we do have different opinions that led us have some arguments, but arguments sometimes brings a better proposal and ideas, right? =D

Thanks everyone prepare this farewell for us, you girls will be missed, but don't worry I am still around and not migrated to other countries and we still can meet after work!

Glad to know that you girls love the flowers of friendship! *hugs*

Thank all of you again to be part of my life and I will see you real soon!

Cheers with Hugs & Kisses,

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