Wednesday, November 8, 2017

20 Days Europe Itinerary (Include Accomodation & Flight details)

Hi Internet!
Everyone been asking about this!! I am sorry to blogged this that late as I am really busy lately.
I've shift to a new place and there is many stuff I need to do and I have a new member,
that is my first cat ever in my life, MUJI!

So I should stop talking typing, let's get the serious SHEET STARTED!!!!

Talking about this trip, it took me about 3 months to plan everything for two.
I really urge everyone to plan AS EARLY AS YOU CAN once you bought your air ticket!
The maths can be totally different when you work things earlier.

So, I bought my flight ticket via Emirates, return ticket with RM 2,800+/ person 
The good thing for Emirates is that the service is superb even you are in Economy class.
If you have more pennies to spend, go for Business class (4x the price of Economy return)
Click here for Emirates Business Class Review.

After that I booked Pocket wifi at Visondata after I bought the Air Tickets.
Plus, I can get 10% off for more than 10 days rental. RECOMENDED!!

   THIRD   We pick SUMMER for this vacation and we don't regret it!
Summer is not that hot in Europe and you can bring lesser clothing around.
Bear in mind that you need to carry your luggage around for 20 days! Yeah so better don't overload your luggage or bring stuff you don't really need.
A good luggage definitely a must during your travel. Try to imagine the first day of your trip and you found that your luggage is damage in the luggage belt. It ruins your whole trip and wasting your time.
If you are thinking what brand I am using, click here for Roncato Box Luggage review.



DAY 2: Arrived London, Check in Hotel.
Hotel: La Suite West, Hyde Park.  (Apx RM700/night)
5 min walk to subway station, very nice room and service!
Breakfast (Peggy Porschen- SUPER INSTAWORTHY), Lunch (Borough Market)
Walk Around Hyde Park.
Dinner (Pied a terre - 1 Star Michilin Restaurant)

DAY 3: Morning. Big Ben (Instaworthy places), Tower Bridge
Lunch. Burger & Lobster
Afternoon. Afternoon tea at Fortnum Mason
Dinner. Duck & Waffle
Chilling night at Shard

DAY 4: Depart to Harry Potter Studio Tour
Dinner at Barrafina (1 Star Michelin)

DAY 5: Depart to Paris by Train (Apx RM300/person)
Hotel: Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris (Apx RM650/night)
Just next to subway station, very good location.
We bought the 2 day unlimited subway pass for 19.80 Euro/person
Afternoon. Eiffel Tower (accessible by subway)
Afternoon. Louvre Museum
Evening. Arc De Triomphe

DAY 6: PARIS Disneyland!
 (accessible by subway)

DAY 7: Depart to Milan by flight (Apx RM200/person)
Hotel: Starhotels Anderson (Apx RM450/night)
Just next to train station, very good location. Easy for us as we are travelling to next city by train.
Afternoon. SHOPPING! If you love designer items, then Milan is a heaven!
Dinner. Paper Moon. (Good food!)

DAY 8: Morning. Duomo di Milano.
Afternoon. Shopping!
Besides designer brands, H&M/Pull & Bear price is pretty decent too!
Not too sure is that a Sales season. One of my tee I get it for just 5 Euro! =D
Dinner. Al Pont de Ferr (1 Star Michelin Restaurant)

DAY 9: Depart from Milan to Venice by Train. (Apx RM100/person)
Airbnb: (Apx 400/ night) Entire Studio.
The bus stop is just right in front of the house. It takes around 20 mins to Venice City.
The host is very friendly and helpful. Recommended!
Afternoon. Just explore Venice free & easy.
Evening. Sunset in Venice is breathtaking!

DAY 10: Morning. Hop on a Gondola Ride (APX RM500/person)
It's slightly expensive, but worth 1 try once in a life time!
Afternoon. Take a boat taxi to Murano.
You can explore more islands in Venice. But we are too chill to spend one day in a place.
Remember to grab yourself a gelato too.
Evening. Sunset in Murano. Magnificent!

Day 10. Last day exploring Venice.
We didn't plan much on this, just chilling in Venice. Everything is so magical right here.
Every corner is so insta-worthy!
Day 11. Depart from Venice to Bologna by train. (Apx RM100/person)
Hotel: Starhotels Excelsior (Apx RM450/night)
Service is not really good. They gave us a room that is full of dust and giving us a really bad service after we request for another room. But location is great, just next to the train station which save us lots of time. Bologna is a small cities that meant for chilling. Not much tourist compared to Milan & Venice but a quiet city that makes me clear my mind.
Afternoon. Walk around Bologna. We walked to every tourist spot by foot, as our hotel is really centralise and convenient. 

Dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese.
Did you know Spaghetti Bolognese is originally from Bologna? =D

DAY 12. Afternoon. Asinelli
We walk up 1000 steps for a magnificent view!
There is nothing much in Bologna. 

DAY 13. Depart from Bologna to Rome by Train. (Apx RM100/person)
Afternoon. Colosseum.
Evening. Fontana Di Trevi-Roma

DAY 14. Morning. Piazza di Spagna
Afternoon. Piazza Colonna
Piazza Navona
Evening. Altare della Patria

Day 15. Depart from Rome to Athens by Flight. (Apx RM500/person)
Airbnb: (Apx RM300/person)
We choose this because we are catching an early flight to Santorini the next day. This apartment is very near to Airport. Down side is you need to Uber to the city.
Afternoon. Acropolis

DAY 16 - DAY19. Depart from Athens to Santorini. (Apx RM300/person)
Airbnb: (Apx RM1,500/night)

The dates that we book is peak, the most expensive period but the prettiest moment.
Afternoon. Oia
You may stay till the sunset. It has the prettiest sunset in Santorini.

DAY 20. Depart from Santorini to Athens.
Afternon. The National Garden & The temple of Zeus
Syntagma Square & the Panathenaic Stadium

DAY 21. Depart from Athens to Kuala Lumpur!
I might miss out some of the places as we are travelling free & easy and just follow the flow!
End of the trip!

Do let me know at the below comments if you think that I had missed out some info or some info that you would like to ask. I will be very happy to help!

Hope you enjoy the long winded itinerary and see you soon!

*hugs & kisses*
Doze offf~


  1. good read here. yeah when it's peak season you know you gotta prepare for the worst. i love it.

  2. I am planing to have a good trip to these places in my holidays to get rid of my though routine and have some relaxation. Thanks for sharing this trip and its information. This trip is in a reasonable price i thunk so i can be the part of this trip of such beautiful places.

  3. Hi, may i know total how much you spend for this 20 days Europe trip?

    1. Hi Emum, Flight+meals+Accomodation+local Transport appx RM20k. :)

    2. Hi, thanks for your quick response and itinerary above.:)

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