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Hi Internet!
Everyone is asking when I am sharing it, so here it goes!!
Today I am sharing FUKUOKA ITINERARY~!

There are number of followers/ friends asking handful of question regarding the FUKUOKA trip.
Here comes some random question I got and today I would like to reply them once in awhile!

1. Is Fukuoka nice place to travel?

I've travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto before, Fukuoka is my first time.

But I had to say Fukuoka is in my current TOP list comparing other cities I've been in Japan!

2. Is Fukuoka a boring place, like nothing much to explore? 

It depends how you define boring. If you need a high fashion shopping place, Fukuoka is not a city that suits you well and I would suggest Tokyo in that case. For me, Fukuoka is slightly slower pace that Osaka and Tokyo, quite similar with Kyoto. I enjoyed travelling slow pace to enjoy the scenery, food and the culture. About exploring, I think I haven't yet done explore for 5D4N, I would definitely love to travel to Fukuoka again for real! Hope this answer your questions.

3. Is the food good?


I will list out all the restaurant that I've been and it's HEAVEN LIKE TASTY!
If you found any is bad, I deserve your unfollow and please block me forever! =DDD

4. Will it be expensive for the whole trip? 

Cheapest trip I had in Japan, and I spent every pennies worth the experience.

5. How much did you spend? 

Apx RM3,000 including flight ticket, hotel, transport, meals, pocket wifi and KKday experience.

6. Is the transportation convenient?

Yes it is, and very affordable! I will share how to save when you ordered in advance below.

7. How many days is advisable?

At least a week for everything!


You can get the [FUKUOKA CITY ONE-DAY PASS] from the Bus Driver/Airport.
Price: 900 Yen
This is good when you plan ahead which attraction you would want to go by bus.
For this trip, I pick the Day 1(from my itinerary) as you can hop on the bus from Airport to city as well(450 Yen/trip), and the rest of the day you hop more than 2 trips it saves your pocket!
It even can be use inside Nokonoshima Island! So just use as many trips as you can.

FUKUOKA CITY SUBWAY PASS is something similar with the
[FUKUOKA CITY ONE-DAY PASS], which you can use it all day and it's very convenient to purchase in advance and just collect at the KKday counter at the airport.
LINK: https://www.kkday.com/en/product/19755?cid=7816
Price: RM24 for 1 day, RM29 for 2 days

Flight Ticket
 Only Airasia have the direct flight to Fukuoka from Kuala Lumpur.
Return Ticket Apx RM500-RM800, soso much cheaper than Tokyo/Hokkaido/Osaka.
I bought it around RM480 return during Airasia promo.
(Depends when did you buy, with/ without promo.)
So stay tune during Airasia PROMO!!

BASIC EXPENSES: RM2,000(For your reference only, this does not include shopping budget.)

Flight Ticket (RM480)+Hotel(RM260x4)/2=(RM520)+Pocket Wifi(RM90/2=RM45)+KKDAY RM351(Day2) + KKDAY (Day3) RM273 + Transport (Bus RM35+Subway RM24=RM59) + Basic Meals RM270= RM1998

The ITINERARY Begins! 


Picked up Visondata Ulimited Data Pocket Wifi at KLIA 2
Link: http://visondata.com.my/
Unlimited data only RM18/day

11:00 AM 
Checked in to Hotel New Gae Hakata-eki Minami

Lunch at Ichiran ramen by foot
Took a bus to Nokonoshima Island
This place took around 1 hour by bus, 20 min by ferry.
Spend 1:30 hours in the park.
Return to the city.
Took a bus to Yatai Street.
Yatai means 屋台 in Chinese, is something like foodtruck.
Appx 10-15 stalls offering BBQ, Odens and Beer.
The BBQ Chicken, Pork and Omelet is HEAVENLY LIKE TASTY!!!!NO JOKE!!!!
Walking along the streets
Back to the hotel

Day 2:

We booked a day tour at KKday and we just sit back and relax! =D
You may click this link to book:

It is a Japanese group of aunties and uncles (Good thing was they took a really quick photo and everyone get to have time for photo! and they are VERY PUNCTUAL). Bear in mind, please be punctual if you are joining day tour like this and be professional, no one will be responsible for you if you are late (they depart on time no joke). During my trip, the tour guide will be speaking in Japanese as well. The tour guide can speak simple English, but we are fine with that as we can google some information of the places and I almost sleep throughout the journey when I am in the bus. =D

Lunch: Included (Japanese Style Rice Set which taste good tho! If you are prawn lover this is your thing, they serve UNLIMITED fresh raw prawns!!)

Total Duration of this trip is around 10 hours.
Places to places is quite fat & rural, that is why I will pick day tour as it's more organised, save more time and cheaper than you drive on your own or taxi.

[Day Tour from Fukuoka (June 1, 2019)]
・7:50am: depart from Bank of Japan Fukuoka Branch
・8:10am: depart from Hakata Bus Terminal Boarding Point 21
・10:10am: visit Beppu Benten Pond (~25mins)
・11:15am: lunch at Kaisemmura Kitanagato (40 mins)
・1:10pm: visit Motonosumi Shrine (~35mins)
・2:30pm: Tsunoshima bridge (~40mins)
・3:20pm: tour to Fukutokuinari Shrine (~20mins)
・4:30pm: shop at Murata Kamaboko Sohonten (~25mins)
・6:40pm: return to Bank of Japan Fukuoka Branch
・6:55pm: return to JR Hakata Station Chikushi Exit 

Day 3:

We booked another day tour at KKday and we just sit back and relax! =D
You may click this link to book:

This trip is a group of KOREANS, even the tour guide is a Korean but she speak good english!
And again, Punctuality is the KEY to everything. Japanese and Koreans is very punctual, they will depart on time if you are late you missed the trip. This bus is very comfortable and comes with FREE WIFI in the bus, but still I sleep entire journey =DDD

Total Duration of this trip is around apx 10 hours.
Places to places is quite fat & rural, that is why I will pick day tour as it's more organised, save more time and cheaper than you drive on your own or taxi.

-Package Info- 
・Meeting Point: 8:50 am at JR Hakata Station; in front of Lawson convenience store located within Oriental Hotel 
- 9:00am Departure 
- 10:45am Arrive at Yufuin Floral Village
Lunch at Yufuin Floral Village
They will provided a list of restaurant that they collaborate, and we choose [Esperanza Cafe]
for their Special Curry Rice! SUPER SUPER GOOOOOODDDD!!!!
A MUST TRY in Yufuin Village.
- 1:00pm Head to Kurokawa 
- 2:30pm Arrive at Kurokawa Hot Springs 
- 4:30pm Head to Fukuoka 
- 7:00pm Return to JR Hakata Station ・For Tour Departures from June to August 
- 9:00am Departure - 10:40am Arrive at Yufuin Floral Village and dining 
- 12:50pm Head to Kurokawa 
- 1:40pm Arrive at Kurokawa Hot Springs 
- 3:30pm Head to Jion-On-Taki Fall 
- 4:10pm Arrive at Jion-On-Taki Fall 
- 4:40pm Head to Fukuoka 
- 7:00pm Return to JR Hakata Station 

Day 4:

Ohori Park


(The best Tepanyaki I ever had)

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Castle

Dazaifu Tenmangu

Hakata Canal

Dinner at Beef TaiYuanThe Steak is one of the best steak I ever had!
You may choose your favorite part of the beef as they have all parts.

Day 5:

Back to Kuala Lumpur.

Hope you can get some tips from my itinerary!
You will definitely fall in love with Fukuoka!

Lastly remember do follow me at my Instagram for more upcoming trips updates!


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