Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Beauty] Beaute Collagen Jelly makes baby face that simple! ♥

Hi internet!
That's been awhile not updating my beauty channel!
Aging is some kind of TERROR for every women.
But instead of worry on aging, why not try to work out something to delay or even freeze your age?
So, Guess my age!
I gonna give you 5 seconds!






Times up!
I am 27 this year =D
This is a question that always come across me whenever I meet new people.
And I really don't mind telling my age. (Cause I don't look my age =DDDD)
For me, age is just a scale of the experiences that I gained all these years.
I am not bragging about how young that I look like,
just that telling you what I had done and work on to maintain my looks.

RULE NUMBER 1: Sleep at least 7 hours before 12am.
(The best would be 11am)

RULE NUMBER 2: Drink LOTSS OF WATER! at least 1500ml per day!

RULE NUMBER 3: Consume daily supplements such as collagen and EPO.
( I take both)

RULE NUMBER 4: Keep yourself happy and positive!

Today I am gonna expose one of my daily supplement that 
I used to eat every night before I went to have my beauty sleep! XDD

Beaute 5000g Marine Collagen Jelly

I am having this collagen jelly for around 3 months.
Before this, I used to consume collagen drink.
So here's comes the question.
Why Collagen Jelly instead of collagen drink?

1. Because it is light and convenient for me to bring around. 

One box comes with 15 sachets or collagen jelly!

Weight: ONLY 20g

For working adults like me, I would recommend you to try this collagen jelly as it is quite handy to bring along!
There is a few types of Collagen that are currently you can get in the market.
1. Collagen drink (Glass bottle packaging,around 100g-200g per bottle)
2. Collagen powder (packet form that you need to mix with water to consume)
3. Collagen jelly (just consume right away after you tear off the packaging!)

Let's see how is the texture look like when you tear it and start consuming!!
The taste is nice lychee jelly, as some of the collagen drink taste super sweet.
For this, just nice!

As for me, besides blogging is one of my career, I am working in an international company that I have to fly often to have a lot of meetings and conference.

So, previously I did really bring the collagen drink in my luggage whenever I go!
But tragedy happens! =((( 
The collagen glass bottle is broken and spills on all my clothes.

Well , you know how rough handling of the luggage by the airport crew right? =((

This really make a CHAOS for me that day!
In the end I have to buy some clothes or else I have no attire to wear on the meeting day!
(Maybe is a good thing to have new clothes too right =DD)

So when I discovered that there is a new collagen made with jelly, why not?

And after one month after consuming this collagen jelly,
I felt that my complexion is better and keep me refresh even though having stressful workloads!

and also after my KRABI trip that could potentially make my skin real bad.
But I feel some kind of protection!

After the vacation and back to my office, my colleague asked, did you really went to KRABI?
Then I know, I did a right decision on picking this!

So, now I really know the importance of prevention is better than cure!
Make people impressed by having a young looking baby face with a capable working attitude!
Be a pretty women with brains and leave the age grow with numbers without leaving any effect on your face!
Women that know how to take care of her appearance always gain a better respect from others!

How you can get this?
You may get it at any WATSON or GUARDIAN.
Tips: Compare prices before buying as sometimes WATSON is much cheaper when there are promotion. Same goes to Guardian.

Time for dinner!! Hope you enjoy reading!


  1. what?u already 27......unbelievable, u look like 20 or 22 only.....=)

  2. What 27? I thought you were 23 cause I saw your graduation pic (I'm a fan 😁) tbh you look like 17

    1. Hi Shuet Yee!! You really made my day by saying I look like 17!! Hahahaha!! Just need to take care and you might even look like 15!! =PP

  3. sounds like awesome products and supplements! always useful to have something like that around.
    Life Extension Youthful Collagen

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