Thursday, May 21, 2015

[Travel Taiwan] Stay like a LOCAL at Hotel Banka! PART 2 ♥

Hi Internet!!
Today I am here for the accommodation part! =DDD
Many friends asked me where I booked for hotel and how was the condition as many of them plan to visit Taiwan real soon!
YAHH, so here I am to feed your curiosity! ♥

Try to find it at either Agoda or for cheaper rate!
Previously I am staying at Hotel Banka.
Reasonable price, spacious room, convenient and good location!
Some people might think that hotel is less important,
because just for the sake of sleeping.
For me, if you are going for a trip,
A cheaper hotel usually not convenient (Far from MRT stations)
or very small room that you only can walk 2 steps :(((
or not that safe (you know what I mean).

So why risk yourself when you can get a better one
with spending just a little more?

Here is some photos & video at Hotel Banka!
And I am satisfied with it.
Price is really reasonable too!

The Lobby!

Lobby with some cute macaroon stools!
(Outside is one of the night market!!! Very convenient!)

The view from the entrance of the hotel.

One of the famous night market just one step out of the hotel!

The hotel lobby comes with FREEE beverage!!!

And I spot HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!♥♥

I am staying at 2nd floor for that trip!

Very classy carpet and the hotel looks neat and clean for me!

DALA~~My room!!

Using card to access the room is much more safer than using a key!

YAYYY~~ My bed.
My bad, the bed is actually not that messy.
Just that I am really exhauseted so I just jump on the bed to feel the puffyness! =DDD

Huge room with a sofa and a coffee table!

A very cute wallpaper!

Can you spot me? =ppp

I love bathtub!!!!

The room is very spacious and clean!

It has a convenient store on the ground floor.
Night market just one step out from the hotel!

MRT station within 300m. (Walk appx 10 min)
I would recommend this hotel as it is really convenient, affordable and comfortable!

That is all for the accommodation part in Taiwan!!
For more information for Hotel Banka, please click here.
Hotel Banka Facebook 

Stay tune on Part 3 for the HOT SPRING!!!