Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sinful food review at Buns & Meat!

Hi Internet!
Today I gonna write on my experience on dining with Buns & Meat!
It's a great pleasure to be one of the food review blogger to made a review on their FOOD!!

People that know me DEFINITELY aware that I am a FOOD person!
Thanks GOD that I had a body figure that rarely get fat gifted by my parents although I do eat alot!
(But of course, I did exercise too kay! uhmm, yar, regularly ,uhm twice a week maybe...*LOL*)

So yeah, this place is pretty huge restaurant with a cozy environment with friendly staff!♥


VIRGIN MOJITO (Without Alcohol)
This drink makes me even more hungrier!!
Sweet and sour makes my stomach monster start screaming~~~

Their top menu was the BURGER and HOTDOG with assorted special topping!
The price tag on the menu is lovely,  affordable with a super huge portion.
I keep asking, do you treat me extra well cause I am a blogger? *winking my eyes*

BBQ Rendition (RM44.90)
I rarely had pork ribs, but this change my tastebuds like COMPLETELY!
You have to TRY this out, SERIOUSLYYYYYYY

The friendly crew said: NOO of course, you will see the same size every time and whoever came!
(Opps, I think too much on that, as is really unbelievable portion with such price tag!)

This RUNNY MESS (RM20.90 with fries)
Can you imagine:
 pork bacon & the golden poached egg that burst out from my fork coated with melted cheese!
I love straight cut FRIES!! ♥

But this is so wrong, this could lost my 23 inch waist at no cost!! >///<
Buns & meat shouldn't have so sinful menu!!

There are even more BURGERS + HOTDOGS on the menu!
Every dish looks and taste just so GREAT!
With only costing between RM14.90 & RM17.90 WITH FRIES!!

Do you want a bite? ♥

This is the macaroni and CHESSE!!
One of my favorite from Buns & Meat!

Besides, the mushroom soup is AWESOME!
Not from aluminum tin, but fresh from the kitchen sifu! =DDD

Besides, this spagetti Aglio Olio with Bacon and Mushroom is also one of my Favorite!
You can even change to your desirable pasta when you are making the order.

Last but not least, DESSERT!!!!
Many says that there is always another stomach for the dessert!
YUPP! That is so true!
Nuttela Cheese Cake!

Lemon Cheese

Chocolate Moist Cake
The chocolate is SOOO RICHH!!!!!

I swear that I wrote with honesty and the boss did not bribe me with cash but with all those YUMMY FOOOODDDDD
So since it is yummy, that is not even a bribe right! ♥
Trust me once and try out the menu that I recommended, 
and don't blame me for getting addicted! (I am definitely not responsible for that yooo!)

Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya! =DD

Hunt your food at Buns & Meat:
Address: 72a Jalan Tasik Utama 7, 
Lake Fields Sg Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No: 03-9055 3378

Bye and hope you enjoy reading!!


  1. OMG !! I read this at the midnight and it makes me feel so HUNGRY !! :((

    1. Wakaka!! I warn you already right =DD
      Make sure you try once at Buns & meat!!