Sunday, February 7, 2016

[TRAVEL] My 6 Days 5 nights SEOUL Itinerary that spend below RM1000 ! ♥

Hi internet!
I know you guys are waiting for my Seoul Korea Itinerary for about 2 months!
I finally get my video done (it's about 13 minuets long) but hope you can feel
the atmosphere of me and my family visiting Seoul during the Christmas! ♥♥

Many people had a misconception about Korea = Expensive trip!
No it's not at all, if you plan it right, Free & Easy Trip is totally low cost!

First, make sure you bookmarked this link or share it on your Facebook.
(So you could find it back easily! =D)
Sit back and relax and I will show you how to travel in Seoul 
below RM1000 
include accommodations.

For air tickets to SEOUL, you can grab it whenever 
having promos.

For Airasia, it could be around RM500-RM800 RETURN TRIP during Promo Period!
So better plan ahead which season you wish to go, once Airasia having limited
PROMO FARES, don't care just buy!

For Malaysia Airlines, it cost about approximately 
RM1500 Return Trip during the Promo Period!
If you have better budget, you may go for Malaysia Airline as 
the flight to Seoul takes up to 7 hours and you have more leg room 
and spacious for a long-haul flight!

I would recommend Airbnb. Not sure do you heard of Airbnb, it is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging. It has over 1,500,000 listing in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. 
You may google it if you wasn't sure.

I rented an apartment (WHOLE APARTMENT) for just 
RM400 per night(Some low seasons you can get it even lower price) with the friendly English Speaking owner - DADA.

Pretty Nice right with this price. 
In Malaysia, I don't think I get such apartment with this price!
This apartment could fits 6 adults (2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 Kitchen and 1 Living Room)! 
Just do some simple maths. 

If  group of 6:
RM400/6 = RM67

It only cost RM65 per night if you are going to Seoul with your family or bunch of friends!

My Apartment that I rented in Seoul looks like this!

RM67 x 5 nights= RM335

Of course you may wonder how if I just going in pairs? 
In Airbnb, you may rent an one room apartment and it also cost less than RM200!
Find out yourself by clicking here within your budget!

Itinerary & Daily Expenses

Day 1: 
09:00AM -Arrived at Incheon Airport, Seoul.
Took a train to Seoul Station (The apartment that I rent) 6,000won (RM20/person)
10:15AM - Reached our apartment.
11:00AM- Went out for Lunch. (RM30/person)
12.30PM- Insadong
03:00PM- SSamgiziel Wall Of Love
04:00PM- Tea Time (RM20/person)
5PM- Insadong Tourist Information Centre for the Hanbuk Fitting (RM14/person)
(1 person only for 45 min/session)
07:00PM- Myeongdong
08.30PM- Dinner (RM30/person)

Total: RM124

Day 2:
10:00AM- Geongbukgong Palace (RM14/person for the entrance fee)
3.30PM- Lunch at KFC (RM25/person)
5:00PM- Buckhon Hanok Village
7:00PM- Dinner + Cafe (RM30/person)

Total: RM69

Day 3:
10:00AM- Nami Island
(Transport + Entrance Fee (3,000W) to Nami Island Apx
2:00PM- Lunch at Nami Island
3PM- Petite France
(Transport + Entrance Fee (8,000W) (RM65/person)
8PM- Dinner (RM30/person)

Total: RM165

Day 4:
08:30AM- Noryangjin Fish Market
10:00AM- Brunch at Noryanjin Fish Market Restaurant
(Depends what you ordered. We ordered a huge platter of Fresh Salmon Sashimi + Fresh Scallops cost us around
2:00PM- Seoul Tower
I suggest that you take the cable car up and walk down as the scenery is really breathtaking!
(Cable Car one way 4,800W, RM17)
5PM- Dongdeamun Shopping
8PM: Dinner (RM30/person)

Total: RM92

Day 5 :
11AM- Ehwa Women University
1PM- Lunch (RM30/person)
2PM- Shopping at the streets near Ehwa Women University
(The clothing here is really CHEAP compare to Dongdeamun)
6PM- Dinner (RM30/person)
7.30PM- Hongdae Market

Total: RM60

Day 6:
Go to Airport (RM40/person for transport)

Total: RM40

We took the MRT all the time and cost us around RM100 for 5 days.

Pocket Wifi
Visondata Pocket Wifi for just RM28/Day, it means RM7 per day (Group of 4)
This pocket wifi offers the best 4G speed with the cheapest price in Malaysia!
It also offers most of the popular destinations!

Order it here:

RM7 x 5 days = RM35

Total cost: 
Accommodation RM335 + RM550 (Expenses) + 
Transportation(MRT) RM80 + Visondata Pocket Wifi RM35 = 

Of course, you might possibly save more if you want to save on meals, 
as we having most of the meals in the restaurant so is a bit pricey, 
if you save it on meals you eventually can get extra cash for shopping!

And if you would like to shop in Korea, just bring extra cash for the shopping. (Depends what you want to buy) =DD
In Dongdeamun, most of the cosmetic shops will giving you free mask or free samples even you don't buy anything from them. This is one of their marketing strategies to get people get into their stores.

♥ Here is the Korea Travel Vlog, precious moments of a family trip! :)


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That's all for today! Wishes you Happy Chinese New Year! ♥♥
Huat ahhh =DDD


  1. Thanks for sharing ^^ it helps a lot :D <3

    1. Thanks dear, remember to share it to your facebook so you could find it back easily!
      Please Facebook Message me at Purpletiff LikePage, I would like to give you the GPSmycity promo code (worth USD 4.99) of FULL Version completely free to you!

      Let me know your city that you want for the map, your phone model, andI will send you the code end of the month!

    2. Hi! I am currently planning to go there . Thanks so much for the info . Btw, did you discover korea by yourself or go with the tour agency ? I am so thankful if you can share 😊

    3. Hi Eriana, I go all by myself with FREE & EASY!! =D
      It's not difficult, but do get a pocket wifi (I use Visondata) with you so you can use the google map to places, Link is at the footer of my page.

      Going with agency you can't really enjoy how the local lives and eat, and you save more on money too!!

  2. Do malaysian need visa to korea ?

    1. Hi Lucas, you don't need a passport to Korea! :)

  3. Hi there.. thank you for your blog.. it help me a lot. I'll travel to Korea with my family, and already book a place at nam-go incheon. Do you have any suggestion for 6 night itinerary?.. sorry if I asked to much. I know I want to see the palace, the village and the market... the skiing..and nami island if possible.. do you think we have time for all that? Thank you

    1. Hello Rinawati!

      Yes 6 days is fine! You can go to the palace via the subway, it's really convenient, or you could take a taxi too as the fare is not that exp if you are travelling in 4. Nami Island + Petite France you can do it one day! :) Glad that I helped! ^^

    2. If you are finding a budgetguesthouse, please check out Kimchee Guesthouse. They have several branches around Seoul and Busan. They provide various kind of room (from private to share room).

  4. .. thank you so much for your reply... now i feel less worry...

    1. You are welcome! Hope you enjoy Korea with your family!
      Oh yar, I am doing a L'occitane giveaway contest(worth RM125) now, just take a look if you are interested to take part as is really simple to win!

  5. Hi, Thanks for your sharing. It's indeed very informative and detail. I will going to Seoul next month, I think is summer season now if I'm not mistaken (hot weather) hihi..! I will be staying in Mye-ongdong central Skypark 3.
    Just want to ask whether do you know is it worth using their sim card or wifi-egg? I read one of the blogger mentioned that the device won't be last whole day need to standby charges. Is it true?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi John,
      Sorry for the late reply and I hope my reply did helps!!
      Pocket Wifi is very useful for me, as for the device, usually the one I ma using able to last till 8-9pm. But I did bring along power bank so I can charge it immediately when the battery is low. As for Korea, it's unlimited data so you don't have to worry about the excessive charges. :)

  6. Hey, il be going also in korea this coming July 8-15 for vacation. you travel alone also?

    1. Hi Peter!
      I travelled with my family previously! Enjoy your trip!!

  7. Hi, may I know what is the currency rate that time you changed?

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