Sunday, February 7, 2016

[Food Review] Mak's Chee Wonton Noodles - The Best egg noodles & Fresh Prawn Wonton I ever had!

Hi Internet!
Today I gonna share this legendary Wonton noodles that set their very 
FIRST OUTLET in Malaysia all the way from HONGKONG
at One Utama Lot LG 311D (Opposite Cold Storage)

Mak’s Chee, the brand new restaurant that cooks up near 100 years old  
authentic prawn wonton noodle recipe made famous by Guangzhou’s King of Wonton Noodle!

I am so flattered when I get invited to this Blogger Food Review before their 
grand opening last month!

My first thought when I get invited to this food review was:
Specialty Wonton Noodles Shop? Sells only Wonton Noodles, Seriously?

Before the food tasting, there were a small speech conducted by Gary, the Director of the restaurant and the Michelin Chef  Johnny Yu (First grandchild-in-law of Mak Woon Chee) 
all the way from Hong Kong.

Our first noodles was the Original Sai Yung (Wuntun Noodles)

The egg noodles was sooo perfectly done! It even taste better than the one I tried in Hong Kong!
The soup was awesome, not too salty taste just nice even you don't add any pepper and stuff.
(The Prawn Wonton was covered by the noodles! XDD )

The Prawn Roe Wonton Noodles (Recommended)
You never get to try this anywhere else!

I can't resist the taste of the PRAWN ROE, too delicious!
Even though just egg noodles with the prawn roe, I am so satisfied! 

The Kailan with Oyster Sauce taste great!
I could say it is a Professional level, they made Kailan to another level!

The Fried Wonton (YOU MUST ORDER THIS)
RM16.90 (8pcs)
The BEST WONTON I had ever tried, it also comes with their special chili sauce!
If you tried, and it don't taste good, tell me another wonton that you tried better than this
cause this is impossible!

The Fresh Prawn Wonton (Soup)
Can you see the transparent Prawn meat? Mak's Chee made the thinest Wontun Skin to wrap the Wonton so everything melts in your mouth once they are in your mouth!
You can't get this anywhere else in Malaysia!
This secret skill is from Mak's generation to generation!

After this food review, I went there again and bring my family members!
All of them IMPRESSED with the food!

Mak's Chee Fresh Prawn Wonton makes me see prawns in a different way!
I never eat prawns, I hate prawns since I am young (my friends knows well).
But Mak's Chee makes me in love with their Fresh Prawn Wonton,
that is a big WOW for me, I bet it will apply better to those Prawns lovers!

The EGG NOODLES, you can't get it anywhere else.
I am not trying to exaggerate all the statements above,
All statements are TRUE!!!

Just to let you guys know, they are opening during Chinese New Year
in a limited operation hour. So go early and grab your seats.

For your information, everytime I went to Mak's Chee,
it's QUEING! 

Location: One Utama Lot LG 311D (Opposite Cold Storage)
Daily Operation Hour: 11am-10pm

Lastly, wishes every Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Gong Hei Fatt Choi~


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