Monday, May 2, 2016

Candy-Girl Formation by TheCandySkin Cosmetics!

Today I am super excited to share my new cosmetic set from

Thanks TheCandySkin team for sending the "Beauty box" and
the packaging is so "Princess" and I feel so badly spoilt. XDDD

AWW! Lace interface!

All items is packed well in a box

Everything sit right inside the box perfectly and tidily! 

Those SHADES!!!!!!
It comes with Lipstick, Mascara, Gel Eyeliner and Foundation.

So I gonna try them on my face and I came out with a very simple Makeup Tutorial
by using all cosmetics from TheCandySkin.
It's really easy as A-B-C. Just follow the steps.

Color: Pink Guava (The sponge comes along with the foundation)

Gently use the sponge to dap the foundation on your face bit by bit.
Very Creamy and good at concealing too!

Here is the before after the foundation applied on my face.

Color: Black Ink

The brush is not included, but you can get it at their website as well.

For daily make up for work and college, a fine gel eyeliner makes the perfect stroke.
A fine gel eyeliner gives "good girl faith" look! *laugh*

Here's comes the "Taylor Harsh Cat Eyeliner" Looks.

Just makes the lines bold, and draw a stroke on the tip of your eyes to create a "Cat Eye" look
that perfectly great in some party or weekend dinner with your friends!

One of the best Mascara that I've used.

Long and natural lashes just within minutes!
No matter the upper lashes or the lower ones, this mascara DO BOTH perfectly!

The packaging is like a magic wand, a beauty wand with a dangling charms at the bottom of the lipstick case. AWWWWW~~~

For the Lip Shades, I chosen 4 colors as below:

This shades emphasis "Good Girl Faith" again!
Natural but sweet looking color.

This No.07 Pink makes you look vibrant and got that STYLE in you.

This color No.10 makes you look slightly mature, but gorgeously looking young women.

This shades is my favorite, No.12 makes the all time classic red lips that never go wrong!
Outstanding, confident and classy RED LIPS.

Besides that, I am using No.03 for my blusher.

Just "X" on your cheeks, and use your finder to dap in onto your cheeks.

So it completes my party look as below:

I am having a baby candy skin finish with the foundation, bold cat eyeliner by Gel Eyeliner,
Soft cheek color by lipstick No:03, Dramatic Lashes by Oh! My Own Falsie Mascara,
and the Classic Red Lip shades No:12 to complete my make up!

You don;t have to try hard for being a CANDY-GIRL, things get easy by using makeups from

The price range of TheCandySkin products is really reasonable and worth the value!
Strongly recommended for professionals or newbie to tryout their products.

That's all for today tutorial by using TheCandySkin cosmetics.
For more makeup updates, please follow their social media as below:

Hope you enjoy your blog review!
*Hugs & Kisses*


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