Thursday, May 26, 2016

Start to earn 3.6% PA MONTHLY with FIXED DEPOSIT at Maybank2u!

Hi Internet!
This is my first time sharing something about financial planing! =DD
I had been using Maybank2u Fixed Deposit for 1 year plus and I find it
really easy and you don't even have to go to bank to apply!

Was chit chatting with my friends last gathering and they doesn't know about this!
They was like:" wah, got so easy or not?!"
They apponted me to blog about this, they said that I should let more
people know about this. Actually I did plan to blog about it since last year but
busy working lifestyle makes me have to delayed it till today.

Ok let's start! Don't worry, I will keep it as simple as possible
so everyone of you can earn min 3.15% EASILY

FIRSST, you have to have a Maybank2u account.

After log in to your account, this is the main menu.

(1) Then click on [ACCOUNTS & BANKING]

(2) Then click on [MAKE A PLACEMENT]

(3) Then click on [ISLAMIC FIXED DEPOSIT]

(4) Then click on HOW MANY MONTHS you wish to place in your FD account.

Minimum Investment:
RM5,000 (1 month)
RM1,000 (2 months & above)
For example, 
If you have RM10,000, you decide to place the FD for 1 month.

RM10,000 + 3.15% / 12 = RM10,026.25

That means your interest for 1 month is RM26.25.

For me, I choose 1 month and I renew every month.
Although the interest is the lowest, but if I have additional cash
that I wish to add into my FD I can include it next month.

Or just in case I need the money in my FD this month for emergency case,
I can withdraw it anytime, what I lost is just 1 month interest.
NO big deal~ =DD

Of course if you hate hassle and you can place a 1-5 years FD for a higher interest rate.

Principal Amount> how much you want to place your FD
For example: RM10,000 for 1 month
Profit payment frequency: Choose [On Maturity]
Profit Payment mode: Choose [Credit to Account]
Instruction on maturity: Choose [Credit to account]

Which means once it reach the selected month that you had chosen,
all your cash in your FD will credit back to your account.

Once you click confirm, and you are DONE!

Let's say you place RM5,000 for one month on 1/6/2016,
your cash will credit back to your account on 1/7/2016 together
with your monthly interest!


What if you need the cash in your FD and you need to take it out before it mature?
Don't worry, I will guide you all the way too! =D

(1) Click [Make an upliftment]

(2) Click [View Details]

(3) Click [Uplift]

Your cash is now credited back to your account!

Easy right?
So why just let your cash stay in normal saving without any interest?!

If you find this helpful, 
you may share this in your social media with your friends and family
 and start earning up to 3.6% PA monthly!

For more information, please log on to:


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