Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hi Internet!
It's been a month since my Busan + Jeju trip! Sorry for the delay of the Itinerary that everyone is asking for. I couldn't say this itinerary is the best planning, but it is a comfortable one that is not that rush and I spend some time in their coffee house to enjoy my holiday! =D

This is my second time visiting Busan, and I still love Busan a lot! If I had another chance, I will still willing to go there once again for the scenery and the food!! About JEJU, this is my first time with Mr. Mars as I heard JEJU is a very beautiful island with lot's of natural beauty!

Below I will list down around how much we spend on our flight ticket + Accommodation + meals + local transportation just for your reference. Busan is a very affordable city (it's cheaper to travel to Busan than Seoul), but JEJU you might spend a little more money, I will show you why below.


Airasia Return Airticket (RM1100) 
RM1100 is the fare for 2 person, I bought it during promotion. REALLY CHEAP!

We upgraded to OPTIONTOWN 3 seats in a row during the
midnight flight so we can have a better sleep (RM240)

VISONDATA Pocket Wifi for 5 days
RM28x5= RM140

AIRBUSAN return Airticket (From Busan fly to Jeju)
2 Pax for around RM1000.

Busan accommodation 2 nights RM400.
Jeju Island accommodation at Bayhill Pool & Villa (RM2600.
Busan Local Transportation RM200
Busan Meals Expenses RM400
Jeju Local Transportation RM600-RM1000 (Book a taxi or rent a car)

Jeju Meals Expenses RM300
Total Expenses around RM6,980 for 2 pax.

1 pax around RM3490.


Before showing the itinerary, I would like to share some facts you should know about Busan + Jeju that you can take it for a consideration and precaution before hand.

1. Majority of them don't speak English or Chinese, unless officers that are working at the Tourist Information. So make sure you download "Google Translate" to communicate with them if you have something to ask. Most of the menu is ONLY KOREAN WITHOUT PICTURE. Google Translate comes handy as it can translate from a photo taken. Do let me know if you want a tutorial about this below the comment. :) That is why pocket wifi is really important for me during my travel!

2. If your distance is too near (within 3KM), taxi driver might refuse to drive you there. The taxi fare is not expensive compared to Malaysia, so either you just take the subway, or else if you travel in group of four just take the taxi then. Fare is about the same.

3. DON'T TRY to ask directions from the Bus driver. I had a few experience in Seoul, Busan and Jeju, the bus driver is a bit grumpy and unhappy when you tend to ask them directions or which stop you should get off to your destination. I suggest to switch on your google map and check whether the bus is going to a correct directions or ask some younger Koreans to help you out if you are a bit lost.

4. In JEJU, the public transport is not really advisable to ride on. it will took hours to bring you from point A to Point B that only around 25 km. So I suggest to go there in a group of 4-6. and book a taxi to fetch you around or rent a car and you drive around. A taxi for a day is around RM400, while rent a car is slighly cheaper. Mr Mars and me is not use to it for the different directions in Korea so we rather go for taxi. If you wish to rent a car, do remember apply an International Driving License in JPJ for RM150, it only took you 1 hour to do it (remember to bring 2 passport photo too).

5. You are not allow to eat Instant noodle in the Airport! =D
6. From Busan International to city, the cheapest and fastest way is by subway, it only cost us around 1700 won (RM6.50) per person.

7. Get a TMONEY (something like Touch & Go in Malaysia) from any 7-11 at the Busan Airport,  if the 7-11 at the International Airport sold out (that happens to us), you can proceed to the another 7-11 at the domestic airport to get one. T Money is very handy to travel around Korea, you can use it in Seoul, Busan and even Jeju for all transportation and even use it for many outlet as cash!



Day 1:

1. Gamcheon Culture Village 감천문화마을

a. How to go there: Take train to 토성역 station (Nopo dong line), and walk
about 15 minutes
2. Taejongdae 태종대유원지(부산))
a. Take train to Nampo, and take bus no 30 from 영도대교 to 태종대초등학교 or
차고지, then walk about 25 minutes
3. Yongdusan park 용두산 공원
a. Walk from Taejongdae, take bus from 차고지 to 남포동

Day 2:

Busan (last day): Go to Nampo station, all around there
4. Busan Tower

5. Changseondong Meokja Golmok 참선동
6. Gwangbokro Culture and Fashion Street 광복로문화패션거리
7. Gujke Market 남포동 국제시장
8. BIFF Square (BIFF 광장 (구, PIFF 광장))


Day 1
1. Deoreok branch school 더럭분교 (Rainbow school)
Note: You only can take a photo at outside, It's a primary school.
2. Yeonhwamot Pond 연화못 (Pond)
3. From Deoreok 프롬더럭 (Cafe)
Day 2
1. Olle Road 8th route
a. 牛沼端(쇠소깍) ~ 獨立岩(외돌개)


1.  Fried IcecreamI found this in one of the street in Nampo (Busan), THIS ISSS GOOODDD!!!
We tried the Nutella flavour and realllllyyyy gooooddddd!!!!!!!!
(I am craving for it now~~~sigh! >.< )

2. Street ChurrosI get this in the Lotte Department store, the churros is yummy and the lemonade is SO REFRESHING! But I hear Malaysia had one in One Utama, but I haven't had to chance to tried it to compare the taste with the one I tried in Busan.

I am obsessed with the Mocha at the Angle-in-us Cafe!
It seems like it's a pretty common cafe in Korea, I found it everywhere in Busan!

4. Korean Kimchi Steamboat with Korean Pancake!
We tried this at Jeju in one of the restaurant nearby our villa, couldn't remember the name but I think you can try to find Kimchi Steamboat like this in Korea. Just remember this "look" and just order it when you see something alike!

6. Korean Breakfast
We had a Tofu Soup for Breakfast somewhere near our hotel, SUPER TASTY!
I couldn't remember the name too as all in Korean, but I bet those old restaurant do serve this, and it's better the business is run by the aunties and uncles. =DD

7. Waffle
I love the crispiness of the Korean Waffle that stuffed with vanilla cream!
I get it from the street at Nampo too.

This is the short video of the whole trip! =DDD

That's it for today! I hope you enjoy my blog!
Do let me know if you had any question below the comment box, I will help and reply you as soon as possible! See you soon! XOXO

*hugs & Kisses*

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  1. Hi Ms.purpletiff! I'm having my research regarding on my upcoming trip this autumn in Jeju+Busan. I find yur blog very helpful. Thanks for sharing but can I ask if how did you manage your booking in jeju and busan? You went to Jeju from seoul via air and going to busan through train? Can you please give me more details if you have time.. please? Thanks in advance for your kindness.. 😊😊😊😊

    1. Hi Hony, I book my hotel through Agoda. I went Jeju via air from Busan, same goes to Kuala Lumpur to Busan. :)

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