Thursday, December 8, 2016

Muscular Milk Tea in Malaysia?! Is it worth the hype?

Hi Internet!
Recently I attended an extraordinary event which literally full of

Yeah I am a lady, so I remain SO CALM.
Then I try to cool myself down by touching them.
Wait, What touching?
YESH, I even get the chance to...Taste them well.

I am done with such cheesy opening and now less have some serious talk! =D
Talking about the Hong Kong Muscular Milk tea that just hit Malaysia awhile ago,
as they just launched this week and become the top hit in town!

So what is so special about it? Is it just the fancy bottle anyway?
I have to admit I am seriously attached with the muscular figure bottle, but that is only on the outside.
Yah you know, I am type of girl that looks in the inner side of a person, nah I mean beverages. *blushed*

The taste of the HK milk tea was impressive, really surprisingly good.It's totally different with our local Teh Tarik or Taiwan kind of Milk Tea.
This bottle of Milk Tea is using the famous High Grade of Ceylon Tea Leaves and combines the techniques of KamCha (The only international brewed by top quality Ceylon Tea leaves)
No wonder people are willing to line up just for their Milk Tea.

As you know I went to HK last few months, 1 cup of Milk Tea cost 20HKD (Around RM10)
and now with the seductive bottle, RM6.90 is definitely WORTH THE HYPE!

I had wrote a food review about this Hong Kong Restaurant, Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton before, you can click here for the review. I am now addicted and I even went there almost every week for their signature "Sai Yong"!

As I mention before, I am not a prawn person until I tried their FRIED WONTON.
This historical life changing was really amazing!
During this launch, Mak's Chee do introduce their new limited time menu that is
I tried and I swear I couldn't stop it from the first bite and I ate them all alone for the small portion serving. It's made from Cheddar, Mozerella Cheese and Fresh Sea Prawn that makes every bite so sinful until I have to make that a cheat day! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Do remember to drop by whenever you are in PJ or One Utama! Mak's Chee is currently only located at One Utama, Lot 311D (opposite Cold Storage)!

Hope you enjoy my review and see you soon!

Do remember to follow their Social Media for latest promotion or new menu as well!
Instagram: @mymakschee

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