Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Hi internet!
I have always wanted to blog something like this on every year end like now, but I am always being lazy busy so year by year I left out this important part in my life, that is reviewing what I had done this year and do I achieve what I had promised myself during the beginning of the year!

Well, this year, I am glad that I made it! *blushed*
In year 2016, is definitely a good year for me, I gain more knowledge and experience in my career, meet new people and learn more things!

First, I gotta list out what did I achieve in year 2016.
*take a long breath* Let's START!!

1. Take up a new course.
I take up a full flower arranging course. Wanted to learn it since long time ago, but due the fees is quite pricey so I save the budget and plan it this year! Then I made it! =D

2. Work out in a gym!
I am glad to have this opportunity to collab with Fitness First! Then learn lot of moves from the Custom Fit app. It dramatically improve my health and my stamina. :)
Blog Link:

3. Take a break and travel to Europe for 2 weeks.
I always wanted to travelled to Europe. However, I have to spare more budget as it costs more compare to travel within Asia. So after I tender my resignation letter, I went Europe with my best friend Joewy and we had a lot of good time together exploring new places!
Blog Link:

4. Travelled to 9 countries in this year.
This is the year that I travelled the most. Some is working trip while some is my own leisure trip. 8 Counties include: Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, UK, Netherland, Hong Kong, Korea. 10 Cities including: Taipei, GuangZhou, Phuket, Osaka, Amsterdam, Utrect, Rotterdam, London, Busan & Jeju Island.
Travel Blog here:

5. I changed a new job with the working environment that I always wanted.
Not sure most of you know that besides blogging, I am actually a Marketing Planner. And I am so blessed that I finally found somewhere that suits me well with western couture of working environment. Everyone treated me nicely and professionally, I love the way how I work right now.
When you love your job, you probably is not working, but enjoying every single moment of it.

6. The most blogpost happened this year.
Including this blog, I wrote a total 61 blog post this year, which means 1.17 blogpost per week!
Thanks for all the sponsors and brands to make this possible.
Once again, I enjoy blogging A LOT!

7. Learn to become a YouTuber
I am actually a camera shy person, I can do 1000 selfies but can't really speak in front a camera. But this year I try to overcome this and start VLOGGING , made some simple tutorials and travel videos! Now I enjoy recording, but still not the perfect shot yet. But I will try my best. :)
*I hope you will support me by subscribing my channel maybe? *blush* )
My YouTube Channel:

8. Learn to do more in depth Video Editing
I only have some basic knowledge about video editing when I am still studying in my University.
My previous video was so badly edited, then I learn it from the internet. Thanks Google and Youtube!
Although my editing skill is not perfect though, but I am still trying to do my best whenever I am possible. XDD

9. Received the most Christmas Presents LIKE EVER!
Thanks again to all brands that provide me the opportunity to collab with me this year and you guys are so sweet sending all the gifts to me! Thanks Mr Mars for the Canon G7X Mark II, is really useful for taking products photo and Youtube video! *muahh*. Thanks to my first American friend that bought a santa LEGO for me!
It's really a memorable Christmas, I thank god for making all the good things happen to me.

10. The most expensive Business Class experience by EMIRATES!!!

I can't forget the wonderful experience with Emirates, that is the BUSINESS CLASS that worth RM16k+ for a return flight ticket to Amsterdam!!
You may click on the link below if you missed this blog review:

11. My blog Total View is more than 780K!!
This year my page views is increased 36% compared with year 2016. Thank you that reading my blogpost, yes, I MEAN YOU!
Thank you!

I think that is all I can think of in the year 2016!
I wish I could do more in this coming year and do remember
"You only live once"
so do whatever you wish to do or learn whatever you wanna learn. Set a target for yourself in year 2017 and be a upgrade version of yourself. When you always remember to update your phone operating system, do not forget to upgrade yourself too. Be someone you wanna meet.

Of course, no body is perfect, including me. I do have laziness and sloppiness at all time, but don't remember your target you set this year. Finish your target as quickly as you can, then you will have time to be lazy and sloppy! =DDD

Let's work hard and grow together!
Hope you enjoy the last blog of year 2016 and see you soon in year 2017. =D
Love you lotss!!
*hugs & kisses*

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