Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hi internet!
Today I am sharing about something serious and I hope everyone is aware of this type of scamming pattern that nearly got myself lost my preloved Nikon Camera.

I wanted to sell my preloved Nikon V1 Camera (the photo above) at because I am having a new Canon G7X Mark II as my Christmas Gift last month. So yeah I proceed to take a photo of my Camera Condition and upload it on the and within a day, there are several buyers contacted me and wanted to get as it was a really good deal. I always thought that COD (Cash on Delivery) will be good for sellers and buyers especially some expensive goods.

There is a buyer responded quickly and said that she wants to get it from me but she is currently working at Canada, she wanted to get this Camera for his cousin. This sound nothing wrong from me at the first place, then she said she will bank in for me and ask me to post it to his cousin that stay in Terengganu. And again, still sounds legit so yeah you can look at our conversation below.

Okay, then I checked my email and guess what I found?

After that I replied her Whatapps

Then she blocked me! LOLOLOLOL

After that I googled about this RBC Bank Email Scam, there are lot of people lost their valuable Iphone, Samsung Tablet, Camera ETC due to they trust on this type of scam. So I hope to blog it out to raise awareness of you guys as I don't wish that you fall to this kind of trap in the future. 
(I treat you guys like my BFF, you know right?) *hugs*

Please feel free to share this around I really don't hope that you are the next victim!

Hope I really did help out!
Do share me your previous scam experience at the comment box below if you have one, this will help more people to differentiate the bad ass scammers!
*hugs & Kisses*


  1. OMG! Thank you for your kindness to share this out! I hope this will aware many peoples such as me! :)

    Shared. :)

    1. No worries~ I hope more people know about this and don't get scam by those scammers. :)

      Lastly, welcome to my blog. ^^

  2. I once tried to sell my secondhand car on Mudah but ended up there were many weird people that spoke weird English (not Malaysian) and yeah said I am overseas bla bla bla. In the end I also managed to sell the car on Mudah to some serious buyers. I blocked those weird people on Whatsapp. Better to let a guy deal on Mudah, kinda dangerous to expose a girl's phone number publicly. Not a bad thing to sell on Mudah, just be more cautious, or ask a guy friend for help.