Sunday, January 8, 2017

SHU UEMURA #SHUGIRLSNIGHTOUT Event Walkthrough! (With color swatches)

Friendly Reminder:
      Play this video below before reading the blog to have the best experience! =D     

Hi Internet!
I can't wait to share with you girls about the FIRST EVENT that I attended in year 2017!! =D
Thanks for having me, Shu Uemura Malaysia! *hugs*
This event is full of Fantasy! Let me bring you girls around!

The entrance.

And welcome to the Pink Fantasy Shu Girls Room


With all the pretty matte lip colors~

And welcome to the GYM ROOM!


They have the other 2 kinds of room, you better view them from my video above! =D
They are absolutely a masterpiece! 

This is a Makeup Stations that allow the professional makeup artist to touch up our lips with the latest Matte Lip Color =D

I am so excited to try something new on!
(The makeup artist is so leng cai =DDD)

The color turns out really pretty! Looks so refreshing!
Thanks Leng Cai I love it! XDDDD

And I found a really COOL photo booth!

I am a #SHUGIRL tonight!

I receive their door gift with one Matte Lip Color + Soft Eye Pencil!

This Lip Color is M0R550

This is the Soft Gel Pencil. (Intense Black)The texture of this Soft Gel Pencil is so smooth and soft, great for lower lid and it does not smudge.
I even can draw my signature perfectly with it. (Please refer the swatches below)

This is the swatches for the Matte Lip color + Soft Gel Pencil.

This is how it turns out on my lips! LOVE IT!!!

That's it for today sharing and hope you enjoy reading + watching! =D

Do try them on when you spot a Shu Uemura outlet, the makeup artist will be happy to assist you to get a suitable color for your skin! Let's own a good lipstick before Chinese New Year!

See you soon!

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