Monday, March 20, 2017

How did I LEARN Taiwanese Cuisine at TAIWAN?!?!

Hi internet!!
Today I gonna share with you guys about the Cooking Studio that you guys keep asking about!
Wayne owns a cooking studio at Taipei and may tourists actually register themselves with him to be his student for 2 hours! =D

You may ask, what can 2 hours learn?

There are few courses but the popular one is the 3 Taiwan Signature Food:
Cabbage Stew, Braised Pork Rise & Oyster Omelet

Can you guess which one is my masterpiece? *Wink wink*
Pretty similar right? Yeah, I know right!!!


Recipe is here:

You can contact him via FB to know more schedule and courses, he is Mandarin and English literate!

I hope you find this video funny and hopefully don't get bored with me!
Will share more Taiwan experience in my blog soon!

Thanks for reading
*hugs & kisses*

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