Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hidden Gems of Taiwan: Sud Vista Restaurant 蘇維拉莊園

I am glad that Bruno had brought us here.
Such peaceful and calm that makes my mind feel so relaxed.
But I would reckon you to drive / grab a taxi here as this place is quite hidden and had quite some height to drive to the top.
This place I am talking today is Sud Vista Restaurant,
makes me feel so "Cameron Highland" but with very cozy restaurant and 4 unique TREEHOUSE kind of homestay that is available for public to stay in via appointment.

I think this place is kind suitable for honeymoon and looks so much like you are in a fairytale.
I am not trying to brag, you can see thru the photos, they are so into the details and make me feel so welcoming. Awwwww~

The price roughly around 1000-2000TWD/ night. You may message them personally via FB for more information.

This place, might not even discovered by a lot of Taiwanese, but thankfully Bruno made his effort to drive us here.

Food wise, is more than pretty for a photo. Taste is about 4./5 for my overall rating. But for this waffle, I could rate 5/5 for this, I had the best waffle ever in my life.

I will leave all informations below, and if you have time and do rent a car in Taiwan, this place is a must!!!

Hope you enjoy reading!
See you soon!
*hugs & kisses*


  1. thank you my dear for this beautiful photos, i'm gonna be there someday,

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