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Limited Edition Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule (FREE Dr.Belmeur Advanced Hydro Cream 40ml worth RM100++)


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As a big fan of The Face Shop, they recently launched a new promo set that I 
can't resist - Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule UPGRADED version
that also comes with a 
FREE 40ml Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cream that worth RM100+ !

Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule is a powerful cica concentrate ampoule that helps to revitalize tired skin and achieve smooth skin and healthy skin barrier.

How the Limited Edition look! 😍

Whats so special about this Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Peptide Ampoule?

Looking at the packaging, it states 10 X Madecassoside.

What is Madecassoside?

Madecassoside is an active skin care ingredient derived from the plant Centella asiatica (often going by its pseudonyms Asiatic pennywort and Gotu Kola). Centella asiatic, or more commonly, centella, is a medicinal plant that has been used for over 2000 years in India and in Ayurvedic medicine

It has been used by many cultures for its curative properties in wound healing and for the anti-inflammatory benefits it delivers.

It is believed that asiaticoside promotes the production of type I collagen, one of the major components of the skin and which helps the skin retain a plump, youthful appearance. 
Here’s an eye-opener: A 2011 study published in journal of chemistry Molecules found that centella extract stimulated collagen synthesis significantly better than even vitamin C, one of the favorite and most reliable skin care heroes.

After knowing more about this ingredient, I am so excited to see how they work on my skin!

What's more about this Ampoule?

Dr. Belmeur Advanced is a premium line with products formulated with high efficacy active ingredients that helps improve damaged skin causes by environment (Pollutions/ hot weather)

Skin damages could also cause by improper habits such as
-rubbing your skin with rough towel
-washing your face too harsh 
-consuming too much alcohol 
-creating frictions on your skin while wearing turtle neck dress 

Uneven skin textures damages causes moisture to evaporates through cracked skin barrier gaps and eventually leads the skin becoming dry and vulnerable by external stimulation. 

Dr. Belmeur Cica Peptite Ampoule able to normalize skin barrier and recover damaged skin surface thus turning skin into smooth and resilient condition. 

Refreshing natural herbal scent
Texture: Transparent with gummy formula that easily absorb into skin.

FREE Dr.Belmeur Advanced Hydro Cream 40ml worth RM100++

The hypo-allergenic cica moisturizing cream soothes and protects the sensitive skin. 

Skin-sync Rx™: Advanced(II) moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier healthily. Containing ceramide, panthenol, centella asiatica extract and 3 other effective ingredients that improves the skin barrier to strengthen the skin's own energy. 

The moist and cool texture conveys a gentle citrus floral aroma to the skin. 
Formulated without 9 additives (synthetic pigments, artificial fragrance, phenoxyethanol, triethanolamine, mineral oil, benzophenone-3, ethanol, talc, benzoic acid) 

100% natural fragrance- soft citrus floral scent
Texture: Easy to spread and easily absorb into skin.

Additional way to use: 
 Mix a few drop of Dr. Belmeur Cica Peptite Ampoule  & Dr. Belmeur Advanced Cica Recovery Cream to smothen the cream texture to create emulsion alike texture.

This combination is PERFECT!! With ONE pricetag but you get TWO Great Items!

Grab this GREAT DEAL now at 

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