Thursday, June 24, 2021

[REVIEW] Stay Home Self-love Aroma Therapy Routine


Hi internet!
Hope everyone is stay safe during this pandemic! 
Today I wanna share some tips on staying calm and relax when we have to
stay home 24/7 that works on me that is > Aroma Therapy 

I do feel unsecured/ not motivated and even gets irritated easily last year from
the effect of the first MCO . I even get insomnia every night, I googled my problems and
I found that there is many people like me having that stressed out because of this pandemic.

Then I tried this set last year from Plants Origins and it really helps to 
reduce stress and eventually I think this really works!

And this year they are having a NEW SET  that I think was also a good deal that I want to share
with everyone, it include some travel size of Body Wash (30ml), Hand Soap (30ml), Hair Shampoo (30ml), Hair Mask (30ml) that you can try them before getting the actual size item.

Now with only from RM139.90 you can get a whole set of aromatherapy products including diffuser, essential oils and personal care from Plant Origins


I also get the Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser that I find that really cool!

Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml)
 Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Clary Sage Essential Oil (10ml)
Plant Origins Blood Orange Essential Oil (10ml)

Comes with a remote control that I really find it so convenient! I can just control this diffuser at my ease!

it also includes different ambient lights to suit your mood!

you know what? it includes built in speakers!! So I can play some Lo-fi music to pair with my 
favourite aroma for the best experience!

The best thing of 500ml diffuser is you can switch it on for at least 12 hours so your house smells good!

Haven't begin your Aroma Therapy experience at home yet? Try them now and thank me later!
Having a relaxed mind and good vibes at home is as easy as this!

Grab them now at: 

All Plant Origins Products :

Remember to follow their IG at @plant_origins

Hope you enjoy my blog today and stay safe!
*love & Hugs*


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