Monday, February 28, 2022

Get a perfect smile & breath with Zennlab & Pharmasen!

Hi internet!
2022 is going to be a good year. I am so looking forward to so many beautiful things lining-up such as preparing my wedding, moving to a new house and starting a new life with my lifetime partner!

So what is today's topic?
Because having clean teeth makes for a better day. And a better day makes all our plans go smooth and well!
I have taken very good care of my teeth since young. As my mum told me, this is the first impression of your own hygiene and cleanliness. And makes you look clean and presentable at all times!

Benefits of Having Healthy Teeth and a Beautiful Smile:

It improves your confidence. If your teeth are straight, healthy, and white, you are more comfortable socializing with others. You are then more confident when you are talking because you know that you have an impressive smile. Those with decaying and crooked teeth, on the other hand, would be too self-conscious and embarrassed to mingle with other people for fear of being ridiculed because of how their teeth look. They also tend to smile less for the same reason.

A beautiful smile makes you look younger. People who are always smiling tend to look much younger. According to many studies, smiling exercises the facial muscles and improves the skin’s elasticity. Therefore, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

A beautiful smile makes you look more attractive. People find individuals with white and evenly spaced teeth more attractive. And for that reason, you should keep flashing that beautiful smile for everyone to see.

I have tried many different brands since young (of course =D) and the one I am gonna share here is one of my new favorite Oral Care brand! This brand is Zennlab & Pharmasen. Not sure if you are aware of this brand but lately, it's all over the internet. That's why I gave it a try! And you should too.

Precision, Design, Solutions - To create game-changing oral care products through “Precision Designomics”. Each ZP product is designed with precision to improve the oral pampering experience among discerning consumers.
“Precision Cleaning Designed from the Best-in-Class Oral Care ”

First, I am gonna review the Accupro Toothbrush

Professional Lab products:

# Precision cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth
# Recommended for all. Especially those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Unique Selling Point:

# 10,000 Micro ultra soft bristles
# High-density <120 tapered bristles # Ergonomic pentagon-shaped handle # 2 Colours = White & Black

The high-density brushes are so soft and comfortable. Yet, I feel my teeth sparkling clean!

The rubber grip handle design also makes brushing so pleasurable! NEXT!
ZP Toothpaste comes with 2 Flavors:

Aloe Vera & Charcoal!

Bacteria Eliminator (lab-tested)

Effectively Removes up to 99.99% of Oral Bacteria*

Cavity Protection

Protects Teeth Against Cavities & Tartar Build-Up

Removes Bad Breath

Unique Formulation with Exciting Flavour

Enamel Guard

Long-Lasting Enamel Guard remineralizes and strengthens tooth enamel

Restores Natural Whiteness

Charcoal extract gently removes surface stains and restores your teeth to its natural whiteness

Charcoal Flavor!

The charcoal toothpaste looks like this =D

Aloe Vera Flavour

The Aloe Vera toothpaste looks like this =D


Good news!
ZP is now having a Social Media Game! It's so Simple! So, make sure you join as they are giving out ZP Best-in-Class Premium Gift Set.

Campaign period: 4 - 16 March 2022

Winners’ Announcement: 18 March 2022


1. Like ZP Facebook page & Follow ZP Instagram.

2. Like and Share this Social Media Game post (Make sure your profile is set as Public) 3. Play and comment at the social media game post.
4. Tag 3 of your friends and family and Hashtag #ZPMalaysia #ZPGiveaway
5. We will randomly select 20 winners to win ZP Best-in-Class Premium Gift Set.

So what are you waiting for?
Join now and win the ZP Best-in-Class Premium Gift Set FOR FREE!!

To purchase ZP, click on the following links -

Hope you enjoy my review and good luck in the contest!

Have a Best-in-Class winning smile!


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