Monday, March 6, 2017

Taipei + Taichung 5 days 4 nights Itinerary BY CAR!!! (Secret hide out by Taiwanese)

Day 1 - Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport You may rent a car at Taoyuan Airport if you wish to travel to a few places in Taiwan as it is more convenient and save more time. This trip we visited to a few places that are really pretty but you will only able to get there with a car! Recommended if you are in a group of 4-5. (But first get an international licence first from JPJ) - Taichung LiBao Outlet Mall (Lunch) If you are heading to Taichung, you can drop by Taichung LiBao Outlet Mall. It's new, and there are lots of big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Levis etc and the offer is up to 70%! - Taichung FengJia Night Market
A Night market that you MUST VISIT when you are visiting Tai Chung!!!!! Foooooodd is incredibly AWESOME!! Will share more on my next blog all about fooodie in Taiwan. - In Sky Hotel : Just a 5 minutes walk to Feng Jia Night Market! Highly recommended!! For hotel review, please click here. Day 2 - Museum of Modern Art (Lunch) This is a NO ENTRANCE FEE Museum that I think you would like to drop by if you are in Taichung. The art piece is incredible and is for you to know more about Taiwan culture and art. They even have different theme every 1-2 months. So even though you visited last year, it's totally another different thing this year! =D - YunLin Lantern Festival We are lucky to be able to experience the YunLin Lantern Festival! My expression when I am there is like WOAHHHHHHHHH!!!! The lantern is incredible and many type of "species" hahahahha! Will share it in my blog soon by this month too! - Hung's Mansion : Day 3 - Sud Vista Restaurant 蘇維拉莊園
This place is PRETTYY - Taipei 101 Observatory 觀景台
- YongKang Street 永康街 Suitable for food hunting! My favorite was the Yong Kang Beef Noodle and Mango Ice Blended. - La Maison Hotel
We had a great Stay at La Maison Hotel and the room was huge & clean! =D Day 4
- National Palace Museum 故宮博物院 Not sure are you the kind that enjoy visiting museum, but I am one of them that enjoys it alot! The most impressive artifact that we witnessed was the Jadeite Cabbage! - YangMing Mountain 陽明山 A MUST VISIT when you are in Taipei! The scenery was breathtaking! Weather is slightly cold around February but I enjoy it a lot! =D
蒙马特影像咖啡馆 @ 阳明山 We had a great afternoon tea here and the ambience of the cafe is AWESOME! If I had enough time, I am willing to sit there the whole afternoon and red my favorite book! - BeiTou Hot Spring 北投溫泉 We spend a night at one of the famous Hot Spring Hotel. - Double One Hot Spring Hotel 立德倆人溫泉旅店 Day 5 -Make my Day Cooking Lab
This is an unique experience ever since I started my travel blog! I learned how to cook the Taiwan famous "Fried Oyster" from Wayne! They provide some simple Taiwan cuisine recipe for tourist and hands on to teach us. Now I can brag that I know how to cook Taiwan Cuisine with my family and friends in Malaysia. Can you tell which one is from Wayne (The Sifu) and which one is from me?
ERRR, not really obvious right, right???!
I think they just looks the same!
- Taoyuan International Airport
*Back to Malaysia*
Oh ya, and another question that you guys keep asking me, Pocket WIFI! I had been using Pocket Wifi around 2 years, still a big fan of them as they never disappoint me!
I will update more on the review of some Hotel and Cafes that we visited this trip around this month. Stay Tune and thanks for reading! Hope I did help a little on your itinerary =D See you soon


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