Thursday, March 30, 2017

La Maison Hotel Review 宜家商旅点评

Hi internet!
My day 3 stay in Taipei is hosted by
La Maison Hotel

Opps, I spotted Bruno!! hahahaha!

Kinda attracted with this interior!
Super cool!

Woah, ATM in the hotel!

The interior is very romantic and sexy
(Because the bathroom is transparent!!!!!!)
But yeah it attached with a curtain if you are too shy to exposed yourself in the room!

But as for me, I enjoyed soaking myself in the long bath and watching Taiwan drama series that is showing at the TV outside.
You see, I am experiencing Taiwan culture! =DDD

Okay, room tour right?
Here you go!

I am super tired that day~

King Size BED!!!

Everything on the house!

The bed is also really comfy, I woke up at 8:30AM for the breakfast.
But really feel like cuddling in the bed because it just too comfy!

Here is the breakfast tour!
Combination of Taiwan + Western Style!

Overall the food I would rate 3/5.
Maybe because I wanted to eat the pork braised rice but it is not available here.

The below is the information of the hotel:

Hope you enjoy the review!
See you soon! =D


  1. The hotel rooms and its ambience are breathtaking. It is clear that the facilities put in place are sophistacated and i would not miss to mention the food look yummy!

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