Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hi internet!
Seems that I haven't been written about a compilation of my favorite Taiwanese food.
I am always so excited when I had the chance to visit Taiwan no matter is a business trip or travel purposes. The NO.1 food that I would like to had right after I get down from the plane is

I can said that any stalls/ shop of Lu Rou Fan is perfect for me. I never tried the bad ones before (or maybe I am just never had enough of them. LOL)

From this point onwards, you can refer to the photo above of which food I am mentioning about.

Food that you can't missed if you are in a NIGHT MARKET as below:

1: Fried Garlic Chicken

I think supposed every night market have them, but this time I tried it at Feng Jia Night Market.
Price: Below 100TWD

2: Drumstick Roll

Super juicy, once you bite it, it just feels exactly like it melt into your mouth.
Price: Below 100TWD

4. BBQ Muachi

I prefer the soy sauce flavour. But other flavour taste good too, just soy sauce turned me on! =D
Price: Below 70TWD

3. Mango ICE BLENDED!!!

This dessert is one of the famous one is Taiwan. There are 2 shops that I personally tried and enjoy it very much. I suggest that you can share because the portion is kinda huge for me.
Shop name: (1) Ice Monster
(2) Smoothie House
Below 300TWD

5. Bubble Milk Tea

Most of the Bubble milk tea you can get in Taiwan wont taste bad, but the local prefer the [Chun Shui Tang] Bubble milk tea. I tried them, taste much better than the one I get in Malaysia! =D
Below 70TWD

6. Beef Noodle

Before having beef noodle in year 2012, I don't eat beef AT ALL. When I visit Joewy back then in 2012 at Taiwan, she brought me here, and insist that I have to try before saying no.
Aww, fine, I tried.
Then she look at me like, I told ya to trust me right!
The shop name is : Yong Kang Niu Rou Mian
Price: Below 300TWD

7. Taro Rice Ball Soup
The best one I remembered was at Jiu Fen, any shop in Jiu Fen selling this is the best ever that I ever tried in my life. I tried this shop in Tai Chung, Was pretty good too [Da Jia Shou Gong Yu Yuan]
Price: Below 60TWD

8. Muachi & Stir Fried Tofu

Both of this were from [Chun Shui Tang] as well!
The Muachi is very gummy with the blend of the peanut was awesome!
While Stir Fried Tofu is best go with their main menu like noodles or rice. =D


This trip I tried the best waffle I tried in my life is at [Sud Vista Restaurant]

If you are in Taipei, there are lots of famous dessert cafe selling great waffle as well.
The well known one [ Dazzling Cafe ] is once the cafe that you must visit if you are in Taipei.
However, lately Kuala Lumpur already had one located at Mid Valley, haven't have time to try it out yet but I hope they did maintain the same standard.

Hope this list could help you abit to find great food in Taiwan. Just some of my favorite list. Do share with me if you find something interesting too, I would like to try it during the next trip! =D

See you soon!

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