Thursday, March 23, 2017

InSky Hotel Review 星享道酒店点评

Hi Internet!
This week I will be doing a few hotel reviews regarding the previous trip to taiwan.
So this hotel was the first hotel that I stayed in TaiChung. (First night)

1. Location
This hotel is very convenient because by walking distance less than 5 min,
you will be at the famous Feng Jia Night Market to enjoy yummy taiwan street food! *MISS IT MUCHHHHH*

Rate: 5/5

2. Room
Rate: 4/5
Here is the walk through of my room, it was so spacious and clean.

Long bath!

These was really good, I even take them home as they smells great after using them I feel my skin is supple and tasty! LOL =D

All necessity such as shower cap, cotton buds, shaver & toothbrush (2)! 

They even provide handmade soap! awww

The bed was HUGE! I think it should be a KING!

Spot two mandarin oranges on the table.
(they are gone after this photo, muahahahahhaha)

uhhh, this room is semi transparent kinda room! =DDD

International Plug that I find it very handy!

Everything inside the fridge is on the house!

3. The Grand Lobby is so WELCOMING!
Rate: 4/5
Here is another walkthrough of the lobby! Staff is very very friendly as well.

The view from the lift.


Rate: 4.5/5
Thy even have a VERY PRETTY SKY GARDEN!!!!
According to them, they usually host some garden wedding here.

I bet that will be super romantic!

5. Aqua Foot Therapy Room (FREE)

Rate: 4/5
This is the first time I encounter a hotel with such facility!

6. The Breakfast
The breakfast makes me super full because I wish to try every single food they serve!
Especially the LU ROU FAN (Braised Pork Rice)

They have different kind of cuisine, Western, Chinese, Japanese and even Vegetarian!


Tower Cereal! =D
This is absolutely a serial killer! 

Love the fries! =D

This is HEAVEN

My breakfast!!
Super satisfied =D
I will rate 4.5/5 for such breakfast, really make my day!

That's it for the review for Insky Hotel, I do hope did help you on picking a good hotel if you are planning to travel around Taichung!

The below is the information of the hotel:Facebook:

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