Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[Aesthetic] My first attempt on fillers injection! ♥

Hi internet!
Here is my confess on my first attempt on filler injections!!! *SHY*
OKAY!! SURPRISE right? As I prefer more on Natural Beauty!
However, a minimal touch of filler injection 
won't made you from A to B but A to A+
There is things I would like to make it clear.
I would say that filler injections just enhance your natural beauty
Not something from Cinderella step sisters transform to Cinderella.. LOL

It really doesn't seems so scary like what I think
But there is one thing you have to make sure before ANY INJECTION!
THAT IS it must be performed by a DOCTOR
not any beautician or so call specialist.

My first ever filler injection is done at PREMIER CLINIC. 
(This photo is taken after the filler injection! =D )

The nurses and Doctors here is very professional.
The duration of the filler injections takes only around 1 hour.
My filler injection is performed by Doctor Kee Yong Seng (Click link for information)

During the consultation, I told Dr. Kee about what I concerned
and he will analyse what type of treatment is suitable for me. =DD
( Please ignore my weird expression LOL )

I told Dr. Kee that I would like my chin to have a nicer curves. :->

Doctor advice me that it can be done by filler injections 
and said that my cheek can be filled a little as well for a better result. =DD

I am actually well prepared for that and here I go! (OMGOMGOMG)

After the consultation, the nurse bring me to the treatment room.

Lay down and apply the numbing cream on the spots for the injections.
The numbing cream is kinda cooling though~ XD

YARR, kinda nervous but excited! OMGOMGOMGOMG

Shalalalala~~15 minutes gone~~
Numbing cream effect is set!!

The nurse clean up the numbing cream.
Here come the doctor for some drawing on my face before getting started. 
I feel so excited with a touch of panic, but when I see how professional do their works, really do calm me down and get ready for the final works!!!! 

Then, there is a vibrator thingy pops up and the nurse told me that it is a distractor.

She said when the doctor start injecting filler into my face,
The Distractor will place on another side on my face.
So my attention will be focusing on the vibration rather than the needles poking into my face
WOW~ That sounds so promising!

When I am ready, the doctor and nurses start the job on me!

The distractor really helps A LOT~!!!
It makes me feel like a little ant stinking on my face.
That pain is totally bearable!

The nurse use the ice packs immediately to sooth the treated area.

Doctor said, yeah done!
I was like ?!?!
That fast?

Here is my sharing on my first try on filler injections and the before and after on the same day!
You can notice the curves of the chin looks sharper and slightly longer and my cheek looks fuller!
Not really big difference and no one really noticed until you confess. 
Like I said, the purpose is just to enhance your natural beauty, not from A to B but A to A+.

Is there any downtime?
Most of the time, there are no downtime at all and
people doesn't even know you had something done on your face!
Minor cases that might happened if the needle hit on the blood vessel,
there might have some minor bruise on the part that you injected
But no worries as it can easily covered by concealer.

How long does this last?
It last around 12-18 months, depends on your daily lifestyle.
Then it will be gone back to your natural look before the filler injection. =D
So it is not a forever thing, unlike plastic surgery (Those from A to B)
So that is why I stressed that filler injections is from A to A+, but not A to B.

Here are some photos after one week of filler injections!
Those fillers enhanced my natural beauty and I am really satisfied with the result!

For more information, kindly visit their websites and details as below!
They are offering more services besides filler injections! Click the below link for more!

Bangsar: + 603-2282 2263
TTDI: + 603- 7732 5552
Customer Service: +6012-662 5552
Email: contactus@premier-clinic.com

You only live once! So I decide to be the best of me if I could!
Good night internet! XOXO 


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