Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hair gets reborn with Number 76 Ultrasonic Iron Treatment ♥

Hi internet!
Been busying here and there for business trips and some getaway trips in a month!
Finally I have time to share my review on
Number 76 Signature Ultrasonic Hair Treatment 

Let's have a sneak peak on how it looks like at Number 76 Bangsar 2

I am so blessed to be one of the blogger on reviewing their hair treatments!
I love their hair services since my previous working experience
in ViVi Malaysia Magazine!
They are one the official sponsor of ViVi Malaysia Models spread shots!
So I came across to know them during one product shooting in ViVi Malaysia on 2013.

Back then when I am still with my long hair =D
So I decided to go for the treatment before all my trips
to prevent my hair become dry and fragile during all those long haul flights!

My stylist of the day was Jillian!! ♥
(This photo is taken after the treatment!)

She is just so thoughtful of every single things!
Maybe that is the spirit of Japanese Base Hair saloon!
And you guys really did it very professionally and I feel well pampered!

Well served tea with a biscuit~Aww 

Jillian gave me a consultation on which treatment is best for me before started!
She said that my hair is kinda dry and is better to try on the Ultrasonic Hair Treatment.

First, get my hair washed! 
They placed an eye mask above my eyes to avoid the water accidentally gets into my eyes!

That is how Japanese takes things seriously!

I know I look weird in this position while get my hair wash.
No one look perfect this way kayyyy!!!! >///<

OKAY, let's concentrate about the Ultrasonic Iron kay!

There are 3 layers of treatment cream that feed my hair with, Acid Amino, protein and lastly collagen!

At first when I saw this Iron thingy,
I thought it supposed to be something like rebonding iron that produce heat.

This thingy is not even hot AT ALL.
THE COOLEST THING is it vibrates up to 37000 TIMES per second.

Yes my dear, that's the way this thing works.
Vibrate and blend the nutrient right into my hair without heat in semi-wet condition.

Look at the video above for the miracle! ♥ 

After this, the last step is collagen mask on my hair and we are done!
It takes around 1 hour for the whole process.

Next, I am amazed with how Jillian blow-style my hair ♥♥♥

And see the after photos ♥♥♥
My hair had just recharge with full bar of energy power!!

And I can't stop touching my hair that day! *LOL*

THOOSEEE Hair is so tempting!!  ♥
This treatment comes with a home care treatment as well.

Apply it once a week for a month to lock the moisture in your hair!! 

One tube for one application.
Handy design that can bring it to anywhere even I am on trips or vacation!

I am so satisfied with my hair condition now.
Thanks a lot of Number 76 for taking care of my hair. 

They are having monthly promotions too, for more information please refer as below:
Location: Please click here

Instagram: @number_76

Oh ya! You may places your booking online too!
Please click here for booking

Thanks for reading and here I go for my dinner!! =DD


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