Sunday, May 10, 2015

[Travel Taiwan] Get connected with the internet and travel like a local! PART 1 ♥

Hi internet!
Taiwan is a lovely place with lovely people! ♥
If you have tight budget for a trip,
Taiwan is definitely one of the best place for your option!

I am someone that love to travel, LIKE A LOT!
I am lucky to get a job that flies me around,
and had a very kind boss that allow me to take leave
when I wish to go for a vacation! XDDDD
(Of course, to achieve that I work super hard too when it comes to my career!) XD

Here comes some sharing tips that you can take note
when you travel in Taiwan!
I have been to Taiwan for at least five times and just came back last month for business meeting.

That is my main concern when it comes to travel.
There are a 3 options for different usage.

1. If your group is lesser than 3 person,
you may go for the local 3G data card that you can get in the airport.
It usually unlimited, and the price is vary depends on the days you are in Taiwan!
EG: 5 days for 300TWD
Reminder: Please bring extra power bank because sharing hotspot eats up your battery life! (LIKE REALLY FAST) =SSS

So, you just need ONE 3G data card since it is UNLIMITED.
The one that owns the card just switch on your personal hotspot and share the data.
DANG! 3 of you will be able to online!
That is the most economical way to keep yourself online!

Below is the tutorial on how to switch on your personal hotspot and share your data to others!

2. Use your own service provider data roaming that cost around RM30/day.
Not sure is it unlimited, you need to check on your own service provider.

3. If you group is more than 3 people, I would suggest you go for

This device can share up to 8 mobile devices at once and it only cost around RM30/day.
This is the most hassle free way and don't have to waste your time in the airport queuing
for the Data Sim and get connected IMMEDIATELY when you touch down Taiwan.
You may click here for my review on WIYO during my trip in Japan ♥

There are a few handy mobile apps that make your life easier when you are in another country.
I could say with this apps, it makes me feel like I am a local!
No matter where I wanna go, key in the destination,
And the apps will show you a few route that suitable to you.
In Taiwan, I would choose MRT as my choice. It even will show you which entrance to go out.

I can speak a few language so Mandarin is not a problem for me.
But if you are not familiar to this language, this apps will be handy for you!
If you wish to speak with them in Mandarin, just speak in your language, 
Google translate will translate to you in vocal too!

How if comes to wording that you can't read?
Google Translate take care for you too!
Just snap a photo, and Google Translate will analysed and translate for 
you base on your preferred language. =DD

Here is my demonstration, hope you get it clear and enjoy the video! ♥


Stay tune on my blog for PART 2 for my Accommodation in Taipei!  


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