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GTOWER offers Traditioal Flavours of Malaysia during Buka Puasa Month

Hi Internet!
I can't wait to share this with you guys!
Last two weeks I was honored to get invited by G Tower for the
coming Buka Puasa Buffet food tasting! *happy*

I always enjoy Malay delights during the Puasa Month since I was young!
Can't wait to buy kuih muih, soup tulang and nasi with rendang in those food stalls in those back days.
But now, you can easily have it ALL in G Tower from 8th June till 3rd July
comfortably enjoy your meals in GTower Kuala Lumpur from Chef Sherry!

Chef Sherry is a talented chef with an extensive gastronomical experience in traditional Malaysian
culinary arena, the professional culinary team will present a buffet spread that boasts local specialty offering wide range of selection from appetizers, salads, main course and dessert in four different menus to chime in with the Ramadhan Buffet!

One of the highlights will be the authentic dish origin from East Malaysia,
a dish that often prepared on any celebration on Gawai Dayak by Dayak ethnic community in Sarawak. This natural cooking method cooked in bamboo sealed in the flavours and produce astonishingly tender and juicy meat with aromatic gravy. My Mr. Mars was from Sarawak,
he was so amazed that the taste is exactly the same with his home town.

The buffet includes more than 100 must have buka puasa dishes with even includes
live cooking stations of Malaysian's famous delight such as Popiah Basah, Roti Jala, Putu Bambu and my all time favorite Apam Balik!

The appetizers include Ulam-Ulaman, Mixed Salad, Berbagai Jenis Kerabu, Pilihan Ikan Masin & Telur Masin, Aneka Jenis Keropok, Jeruk Buah-buahan and Buah Kurma.

As for those that are into western cuisine, no worries GTower had it too!
Italian pasta Station will serve up pasta of the day prepared upon request.
Different of varieties of breads and pastry selection is available for your choice as well. =D

The all-time favorite of GTower such as Sup Tulang Rawan, Kambing Bakar Berempah and 
Mee Rebus Istimewa will be served too!

The "Live Cooking Stations" preparing the mouth watering Apam Balik.

Beverages includes Air Tebu (Sugar Cane), Sirap Ros Bandung and Teh Tarik Istimewa.

The "Kambing Bakar" Station!

As for the Hot dish includes Nasi Minyak & Nasi Putih, Ayam Masak Kuzi, 
Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin, Daging Goreng Kunyit, Sotong Masak Hijau, 
Ayam Bakar Dalam Buluh, Pucuk Paku Goreng Belacan and Sayur Masak Lotong.

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Daging Goreng Kunyit

 Sayur Masak Lotong

Pucuk Paku Goreng Belacan 

  Sotong Masak Hijau

Here comes the Biskut Traditional Raya

and the Buah-buahan

Pilihan Istimewa Kuih Muih
(I am addicted with this section badlyyy)

Chef Sherry said that this year she had an idea introducing various traditional food from 13 states of Malaysia in place especially the authentic Sabah and Sarawak dishes. She believes that the large
variety of Malaysia traditional cuisine will bring back memories of our hometown.

This was some catch of the day after having the main dishes and do you realise I took
most of the Kuih Muih? =DD
(I was too hungry after taking all the photos a then realise I forget to take the photo that I had taken, OPPS) XDD
Everything taste so good and glad that this time Mr Mars was with me, so we can share almost
everything to get to taste almost everything without wasting food!

I was so surprised with all the food as it taste really authentic and even taste better than
what I get from the food stalls that I always use to bungkus back home during the Puasa Month
as our dinner. I grew up in near a Kampung so we are very close with our Malay friends.
So every year when they had the Pesta during the Puasa Month, we bungkus the food from the Pesta Bulan Puasa instead for dinner.

This bring back my memory that meant so much to me and get lesser chance
to taste it after I have been working in Kuala Lumpur. I am so glad GTower manage
to get all the delicacies that taste the same way like what I had before, and even 
includes specialty from other states that I had never tried before!
I could said that having the Ramadhan buffet in GTower means you own almost
the best Malay specialties food in Malaysia.

No matter you are a tourist or a local, please make a reservation with GTower between 
8th June-3rd July because you just gave yourself a chance to discover the best Malay cuisine and specialty in just one meal!

The Ramadhan Buffet Dinner is priced at RM98 nett for adult and RM49 nett for children and
senior citizen. It will held at Mezzanine Floor GTower, Kuala Lumpur starts from 
8th June-3rd July, 7pm to 10pm.

For reservation, please contact GTower Monday-Friday from
9AM-5PM at 03-2168 1919 ext 7018
or email them at
to avoid disappointed!

See you during the Puasa month as I am going to bring my family for a dinner by then!
That's all for today! Hope you enjoy my sharing and thanks for reading!
*hugs & kisses*

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