Thursday, April 7, 2016

WAKAO!! The latest Gelato Cafe in Penang for gatherings!

Hi internet!
Today I gonna intro a latest hang out place in Penang!

that located just a few steps from the famous photo taking spot
(The Little Children on Bicycle)

So if you are a tourist, for sure you will be taking this photo right?
Maybe just takes a few steps to walk to WAKAO to chill with their 
home-made gelato!

If you are a local, you have to visit this "special" Gelato Cafe

name as
"WAKAO" (Taiwan Chinese)
that means "WALAO" in Malaysian! XDDD

This is the cute little maze entrance!

Outdoor or indoor? 
Your Choice!

They just opened since mid March!
(Latest Hotspot!!)

Bicycle for rent too!
WAKAO is located in the Heritage City that worth to explore with a bicycle!

Little "Vulgar words" souvenir!
Super cool so I need to repeat 3 times! XDD

#wtf #bohhood #crap #linlaobu #wakao #mader 

Mugs that speaks your language, erm I mean attitude! LOLs

All gelato is made of fresh fruits and vegetables! 
Clean enough for ladies that keeping fit and stay healthy!=DD
(good for me as I have to eat clean as having gym commitment!)

Besides gelato, they are having fresh juice and desserts as well!
(Desserts that you can't find in any other cafe, I SWEAR!)

Cakes for the cakes lover!

Spacious enough to have some gatherings (and phototaking =DD)

The toilet speaks too! =DDD
I won't help you to translate, get a Chinese speaking friend to read this for you for a good laugh! X1


Okay, let's talk about the TASTE & FLAVOUR!
I love their gelato as not that sweet and taste just nice to me!

The sizes comes with:
 1 scoop= 1 flavour (卡爽)
2 scoops= 2 flavours (伯伯爽)
3 scoops= 3 favours (一起爽)

If you understand Chinese, the name of those combination is quite "cute"!
I won't tell you what it means, find a Chinese speaking friend and show them to have a good laugh! X2 

The below was some of my favorite that I would recommend to you guys!

Chocolate Gelato
The all time favorite! Rich chocolate milk gelato mix with varieties of toppings makes good combination! (Toppings are FREE)

Orange Flavour
I never tried orange flavour gelato before and this was my first attempt!
Sweet plus bittery both blend in so well! You can taste what exactly fresh juices had but in a tub of gelato! A good surprise for me! Another not that sweet gelato!

Green Tea Matcha Flavor
I am not a really big fan of Matcha, but this is quite good!
Just back from Japan, had this makes me miss Osaka! AHH, damnn!

This is WAKAO SPECIAL mixed with Red Dragon Fruit
A healthy choice that rich in Vitamin C! WAKAO uses fresh ingredients so taste the
freshness and surprise from WAKAO!

Calling all milk lovers!! Super creamy!!
I am not a milk person but this mlik gelato taste so good and 
they made the sweetness portion just nice!

SOO unique till you can never find any of these in any other places!
All the desserts will comes with the ALL TIME FAVORITE MILK GELATO!

This is Milk Gelato with Nyonya Kuih (Pumpkin sauce toppings)
The taste blend so well dramatically! Quite filling for this 2 little bowls!

Combination of Milk Gelato + Black Glutinous Rice + Sago +Coconut Palm Sugar + Nyonya Kuih!


Combination of Milk Gelato + YAM + Coconut Milk + Sago+ Nyonya Kuih!

Combination of Milk Gelato + Black Sesame+ Nyonya Kuih!

Combination of Milk Gelato + Pumpkin + Sago + Egg white+ Nyonya Kuih!

PURPLE KUSH (Sweet Patato)

Combination of Milk Gelato + Sweet Patato + Legume + Nyonya Kuih!

All the deserts serves the same kuih and gelato, just that the they offered different
variety of the "sweet soup"! But seriously they the sweetness is just nice, not too sweet!
They handle the sweetness perfectly for the gelato and desserts!
*clap clap*

Thanks WAKAO for inviting me for the dessert tasting, will definitely visit again once I am back in Penang! I think they will be even more flavours soon!! *excited!!!*

The below video brings you understand WAKAO in 2 minutes!
Hope you enjoyed it!

That's it for today!


Nom nom nom~~
Good night and sweet dreams!
*hugs & Kisses*


Address: 278, Lebuh Pantai, Penang


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  2. love the banana flavor! Their banana flavor is really taste like banana not like others artificial flavored banana ice cream. Some flavors has strange texture feeling, but the owner explained that this is the challenge part due to the fresh ingredient they used.

    1. Glad that you tried! But I really like the freshness and real ingredient used in the Gelato.

  3. love the banana flavor! Their banana flavor is really taste like banana not like others artificial flavored banana ice cream. Some flavors has strange texture feeling, but the owner explained that this is the challenge part due to the fresh ingredient they used.

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