Monday, April 11, 2016

[Fitness First] My Fitness Diary Episode 06- Pairing Up

Hi Internet!
It's a CustomFit day again!

Today I gonna do it with my boyfie with the CustomFit App! =DDD

He has been curious since last month when I start my NEW fitness lifestyle!
I bought a yoga mat when we went shopping,
which let to a funny conversation below:

Boyfie: You going to Yoga Classes?!?

Tiff: Who said Yoga Mat is only for Yoga purposes? 
I am going work on my fitness at home with the mat! *proud face*

Boyfie: Err, you sure? You know how meh?!

Tiff: Got CustomFit App with me now, I can be a fitness guru one day okayyy!!
*then I laugh loudly*

Boyfie: Let's see how  long you can hold on to this! LOL

Then after 1 month, he really did see a difference in me!
I became more healthy and my body has toned up slightly due to the planks which I religiously do everyday
even when I am on working trips!

Since then he downloaded the CustomFit app to try out himself.
After that, every evening when we get home, 
we do the CustomFit exercises together
which I find is a very sweet activity to do it together with your partner!

There are over 800 workouts in the CustomFit app that you can try out… there are different difficulty levels for the workouts, so don’t be scared if you’re new to exercise! Also, there are videos in the app to show you how to do the move correctly.
(FREE DOWNLOAD from App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store)

These are some candid photos that we did

with the CustomFit App (our portable gym guru)

Picking our exercise together!

*He looks cute when he is trying his best to do like the exercises in CustomFit App!*



(We don't have Bosu, so just did a simple sit up)


Having him as a helping hand is quite handy actually and feels sweet too! *blush*

CustomFit even shows you an estimated calorie burn after you complete a course!
This time around, we manage to burn a total of 210 calories for the "Core" training!

Having him as a helping hand is quite handy actually and it is sweet too! *blush*

It’s great to exercise in pairs, you can do it with your
boyfriend/ girlfriend/ BFF/ parents/ siblings/ colleagues etc
and you both will keep track on each other. This makes you get the best result from your workout!
(It's FREE by the way! Why not try it out!)

Try get your partner and get fit together!!
Let's be fit and selfie together! *wink*

That's all for today, stay tune on my next Fitness Diary!
Hugs & Kisses!


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