Saturday, October 29, 2016

How to upgrade your seats to Business Class on Emirates?!

Hi internet!
Been back to Malaysia from Europe since August, I still miss the days I spent with Joewy!
So today I gonna share my experience and ways to upgrade your seats to
BUSINESS CLASS!We are super lucky to have a chance to experience
that ranked The world TOP 1 in the year 2016.

Okay, let me roughly show you the ECONOMY CLASS of Emirates!
The food and service of the cabin crew is really polite and friendly, don't be surprise that you can communicate with them up to 16 languages and dialects on board.
So no matter where are you 
from, there must be a language that you can
communicate with them regarding your needs.

You don't wish that during the 16 hours long haul flight, they can't speak languages and even not able to request for a glass of water right? But don't worry, you are safe! Why? Because you are reading
my blog in English right now! =D CHEERSS!!! hehehehhehe

This trip we are flying from KUALA LUMPUR TO AMSTERDAM.
Just let you guys show you how much does Emirates Air ticket cost:

Economy Class: RM2,900 (Return)
Business Class: RM13,000 ++ (Return)

So now you will be interested to know how to upgrade your seats
from Economy to Business Class right? There are 4 ways to upgrade:

1) Book your airticket at

This is the easiest way to secure a Business Class seat.

2. Discounted Upgrade

Wait to receive email from Emirates (probably 3 days before your flight) to offer you 
Business Class Upgrade with a discounted price for EURO 550, around RM2,500

This method might not works everytime, Emirates will only offer if there is some
empty seats on the business class.

3. By using SKYWARDS MILES to upgrade.

You will need at least 9,000 Skywards Miles to upgrade to Business Class from Economy!
This is good new for frequent flyer, by turning the miles to a comfort journey!



There are some believes that wearing proper attire might had the higher chance they will upgrade you to BUSINESS CLASS for FREE! YESSS, IS FREE!!I had made some research, most of them says them it is really by LUCK! That will be the best day ever when you are upgrade from Economy class to Business Class yo! *SCREAMMM*

Now let me show you the
Economy Class Cabin!
*I am happy enough flying in the economy class, really comfy!*

This flight is from KUALA LUMPUR -> DUBAI

Chicken Curry Rice!
Surprisingly tasty, never thought that they will prepare such delicious curry!
The salad and dessert I can say it's the finest in flight dining I ever had!

Joewy's Favorite! =D

Even in the economy class, we are treated really well!
While they are serving coffee & tea, I asked the cabin crew do they offer Hot Chocolate instead, the cabin crew is really sweet, she asked us to wait for awhile and come back with us soon. 5 mins later, she get 2 cups of hot chocolate for us *this is not in the menu though*

And of course, we landed safely in Dubai International Airport!

Now here comes the

Huge Lie-Flat comfort seats

All yours!

The left peace hand sign is by the cutie pie cabin crew while I am taking the photos!

Huge legroom ever!

You can charge whatever device here!

The menu for Business Class Passenger!

You can order anything during the flight!

Comes with a high quality headset, an eye mask for a comfort sleep, a pair of socks,
and a sticker that indicate your mood which I find this really sweet!
1. Don't wake you up sticker. (pink)
2. Wake you up for meals. (Green)
3. Wake you up for inflight shopping! (Orange)

Here is the Sky Lounge exclusive for Business Class & First Class passenger!

Desserts everywhere!

MUST and Mojito!
I request for an alcohol free mojito, and the cabin crew made that for me without any hesitation!They are very professional!

Enjoying ourself at the Sky Lounge. =D

Here comes our inflight Fine Dining meals!

Comes with classy silver cutlery!

Joewy is enjoying her Chocolate Brownie as her dessert.

While I am enjoying Egg Tart as my dessert!

The red card on the bottom left is a Fast Track card that enables you to go through
the fast track counters at the immigration counters so you don't have to que up and save
your time on your vacation or business trips!

Here is the Video that I taken during my previous Business Class flight!
Hope you have a better view for the whole Business Class Cabin.

That's all for the sharing and hope you enjoy reading! Do leave me a comment below if you have any question and I will get back to you soon!

You may CLICK HERE for the my Itinerary for London + Netherlands!
If you wish to know what I usually pack for vacation,

See you soon!
*Hugs & kisses*


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