Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Launched in Malaysia! IT Cosmetics Product Review with First Impression video!

Hi Internet!
Finally get my travel blog post done and I finally have time to blog about 
some interesting and latest cosmetics that had just on board in MALAYSIA.
Who can ever resist skin loving products?
Here I am today to introduce the mighty
& welcome to MALAYSIA!

So I bet most of you are new with IT Cosmetics, but don't worry I will be
feeding you on why international bloggers always been blogging and using them.
If you think that,"maybe they pay money to them lorh"
Who will be using bad products on their own face then share to their followers
and get a bad skin together so everyone will hate them forever?
Doesn't make any sense right?

So yar, maybe some on my points below might changed you life, so better share this link
in your facebook feed so it stays forever. No worries, share it first, I can wait. =D

Welcome back my dear!
So before getting started, I am showing you girls a first impression video on the overall
before & after and how long does this makeup last test.
Historical moment of how KAKAK A GIRL becomes LENGLUIS

Is it impressive? (eye blinking~)
Err, yar I mean the effect. LOL
As usually my makeup especially foundation or bb cream, it turns oily after 3-4 hours
and I have to touch up again if I am attending some events or else I usually leave it and just dapped with tissue paper but in the end of the day I looks "tired" although with my makeup on.

Who are having these problems too?
You too?!
AHHH then we are best friends! =DD

More information:
Shade: #light

But after using IT cosmetics, it really did hold on my makeup.
My skin only turns to be slightly oily after 7 hours.
After 11 hours as in the video, most of the T zone area tend to become oily but still bearable.
And the CC cream had a kind of scent, something like lime/lemon I can't define it but taste good.

Before before doing your makeup, I would recommend this tube to replace your day & night moisturizer. 

IT Confidence in a Cream
(due to high demand, restock will be available soon)

This tube I just tried 2 weeks but it really had some light results on me.
Then I take a look at their Instagram comments,
then I know, WOAH this cream so GENG leh!


OK, I don't used to brag.
See them your self!

The next thing that I would like to brag intro is the

The color is very pigmented, you can see how I use it in the video! =D
Brown= Contour your V Face
Beige= to highlight places like nose bone and chin so you look 3D

The BROW POWER is also very easy to use and shape the brow perfectly!

YARR, this BYE BYE PORE is also one of my favorite among other IT Cosmetics products!
This is superb and life saviour!
You have 2 ways to use it,
After CC cream, to minimise the appearance of your pores, 
and seems to control my oil around my Tzone.
Right after your moisturizer (sometimes your bf suddenly ask you out for a supper,
and yah this can cheat to look "nude" perfectly without the powderly look on your face.

The BYEBYE UNDEREYE works perfectly with the IT Cosmetics Brush #04

TIGHTLINE is something I can't live without it now!
This tiny little thing comes with 3 GRAND FUNCTION:
1: Inner Eyeliner
2: Lashes Primer
3: Mascara
The brush is super super tiny that can brush my lower lashes perfectly.
The best thing is also it comes with mini size and is great to keep one in your handbag.

After applying the TIGHTLINE, if you want more DRAMA look, then go ahead for the 
SUPERHERO MASCARA(due to high demand, restock will be available soon)
 to save your life! =DDD

The shades of Naturally Pretty Eye Pallete was great for daily makeup!
I love nude color! The color was really pigmented too!

Last but not least, the LIP color by IT BLURRED LINES!
(due to high demand, restock will be available soon)
Smells great, look great and I even use it for my blusher too!

TA-DAA here is my look by using ALL IT COSMETICS PRODUCTS!
Looks Natural and enhance my beauty (ehem ehem)

That's it for my review on IT cosmetics products and I really serious in buying
their other products too! LASTLY if you wanna find out FANCY NEW PRODUCTS
I suggest you to follow SEPHORA social media (because a lot of brands are exclusive there):
Instagram: @sephoramy

And if you think IT Cosmetics is really cool, then follow their social media
and you can read more comments of people using their products too!
Instagram: @itcosmetics

If you can spare another min, maybe you can take a look at this time-lapse makeup too?

Hope you enjoy EVERYTHING I shared today!
love yar and see you soon!


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