Thursday, August 4, 2016

Master Level meals that can be done in minutes from SPARGO MILLS!

Hi internet!
Ehem, today I am Chef Purpletiff~~~~=D
Wanna share some FOOD RECIPE with you guys! *laugh*
Recently I did attended an event hosted by Spargo Mills, it's about instant food paste/ powder
that are ready made and you just need to add some basic ingredients and cook like a PRO!
I find it really really really mind blowing and wanna share with you guys!

Sometimes, you need to have to do some cooking when you might:
1. Want to impress your botfriend~
2. Want to impress your boyfriend family. (usually bf mums like girls that can cook)
3. Having some mini home gathering party. (much more cheaper weh~)
4. Too lazy to drive out to eat during the weekends. =D

So yar, you might need it one day so now it's time for you to learn some
That I think pretty much suits you! XDDDD
I mean, that are good for you!

But after I attended the event, I could actually buy the ready made instant food paste/ powder
and DIY myself easy like ABC!
The most important thing is that, the taste is great and #likeAPro man!!!!
Spargo Mills uses only natural ingredients uses

OK, stop talking and let's proceed to the lessons that I've learned that day during the event!

That day was the day I just touch down Malaysia from Amsterdam!
I travelled in Europe for almost 2 weeks and I miss Malaysia food like A LOTTT!!

Once I reached the venue, I smell LOVE! *saliva dripping*
There are Malaysian FOOODDD Everywhere in the room!

AHH~~ Pudding~~

All these packet instant meal paste is from SPARGO MILLS by SPI Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.


YAY!!! I can cook my own satay in the future if I am having small party in my house!

This is the kitchen that the Chef will be demonstrating the simple procedure later.

Here is our chef explaining how simple the procedure was.
I am really paying attention because I am really hungry that time! XDDD

The chef was cooking the SPARGO MILLS MEAT CURRY!

Ingredients for cooking:

50g Spargo Mills Meat Curry Base (Ingredients A)
250ml Water (Ingredients A)

7tbsp Cooking Oil
200ml Water
1KG Chicken (Cut into Pieces)
300g Patato (cut into Pieces)

25g (1pkt) Spargo Mills Instant Coconut Mix (Ingredients B)
300m Water (Ingredients B)
Both Ingredients B mix well and set aside.

3 simple steps Cooking Method:

1. Mix Ingredients (A) and stir well.
2. Pour Ingredients (A) and cooking oil into a wok/pan. 
Cook until water evaporates and oil rises to the top.
3. Add meat, patatoes and water; cook until meat and patato are tender. 
Add in Ingredients (B) and bring to Boil.

We are ready to EAT!!!!

This is one of their best seller: Premix Nasi Lemak
(The Nasi Lemak Rice Base only)

This pack is to cook our famous Santan flavoured rice.

Ingredients for cooking:35g Spargo Mills Nasi Lemak Permix
375ml water
250 Rice
20ml Cooking Oil
Serving for around 4-5 pax.
Just cut down the portion accordingly if you have 1-3 pax yourself.

4 steps Cooking Method:
1. Wash the rice, drain and place in a rice cooker.
2. Add water, nasi lemak premix and cooking oil into the rice cooker. 
Stir well until premix is dissolved.
3. Set Rice cooker to cook. When rice is cooked, allow to rest 15 minutes before opening the cover.
4. Stir rice well. Ready to serve! YAYYYY

Now we can have a yummy NASI LEMAK with Curry Chicken at home!
I can finally brag it and show off with my family that I actually can cook! LOL
Add some Ikan Bilis, peanuts, hard boiled eggs and cucumber to make it

Here are some of other flavours from SPARGO MILLS

I always thought that it must have a BBQ grill to have a great satay,
I was wrong!
You can eventually pan fried it at home without mess!!!

Ingredients for Cooking:
50g Spargo Mills Satay Marinade Base
20ml Water
150g Sugar
1kg Chicken/ Beef/ Mutton (cut into pieces)

3 EASY Steps Cooking Method:
1. Mix the Satay Marinade Base well with water and sugar.
2. Marinate the chicken/beef/mutton pieces evenly with the Premix for 3 hours in the fridge.
3. Skewer on bomboo sticks, if desired. Ready to Pan fried / barbecue/ roast.

And Lastly, here comes the DESSERT!!!

Why it's a favorite menu for me?
Because you don't even need a stove for you to brag that you can cook a yummy Pudding.
What you need is just a HOT WATER and a BOWL.

Yes. That's it.

And you even can creatively create your special pudding taste by adding additional flavours on it!
Let's say you are a MILO Maniac, so you can actually add Milo powder in the pudding and
it will become MILO PUDDING!!!

Ingredients for cooking:
325ml Hot Water

3 SUPER EASY Cooking Method:
1. Add Puddinbaze into measured hot water and whisk well.
(Tips: Pour the puddinbaze powder into the Hot water instead of pour the hot water into the puddinbaze powder)
2. Pour into mould and cool before refrigerating.
3. Chill in the fridge and ready to be served!

Isn't it EASYYY????
Make your girlfriend/boyfriend one with a LOVE/ CARTOON mould on some special dates 
and I think that is kinda pretty sweet because at least you made an effort to boil the hot water right?

Yummy Pudding!
This is customised pandan pudding added with red beans!

Everyone is enjoying their meals!!

So, are you getting a great interest on getting them to cook like a PRO?

All SPARGO MILLS products is exclusive only available at 
with a very affordable price and exclusive 
(so people thought that it's your recipe, don't worry I will keep your secret!)

About SPI  
SPI  Manufacturing  Sdn  Bhd  was  incorporated  in  2002.    
The  company  was  established  to manufacture  and  distribute  premium  quality,  natural  semi-finished  bases  to  businesses  in various food and beverage industries. In  2004,  we  spearheaded  the  launch  of  a  range  of  bases  that  are  simple  and  fuss  free  to prepare.  With the launch, we solidified our standing as a pioneer of premium quality, natural products with authentic tastes that meet market needs and demand. In 2014, we launched a range of coconut-inspired products, including a coconut cream base, nasi lemak premix and crème Puddinbaze.  This is another testament to our market research and development capabilities to spur innovation and ultimately business growth.   

About Home Deal 
Our primary intention is to create awareness and promote good quality Malaysian products.   
Not only do we hope these products will enable fellow Malaysians to know more about local brands,  we  hope  to  bring  these  brands  to  the  world  and  let  them  feel  the  taste,  crafts  and warmth of Malaysia. We  always  believe  Malaysian  brands  that  are  cultivated  with  heart,  mind  and  sincerity  will continuously spread love, hope and appreciation.

That's all about today!
Let's end today with pretty babes photos!

Bloggers of the day!

Hope you enjoy the food blog =DD
See ya soon!


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