Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shopping experience in Dragon Centre Hong Kong! (with Vlog)

Hi Internet!
Previously there are some of you message me about where I shop about in HK,
so today I gonna share some shopping places in Hong Kong that I think
is kinda suitable for family/couple and besties travel!

Before that, I would like to share my Travel Vlog with you about that few days
Joewy and I in Hong Kong!

Hope you enjoy the video!
So let's start on the shopping post!!!!

It's located at Sham Shui Po, it's easy to access via buses or MRT.
Click on the website for more information.

Did you spot Joewy? =DDD
And if I am not mistaken, I remember this mall appears in the latest TVB drama.

There is a huge crowd even during the weekdays.
I remember we went there on Tuesday Afternoon!

There is an arcade too for the children and kidult like us!!!

Dragon Centre also had a food court on one of the floors and they offered famous food around the world. I saw some stalls even had a huge crowd lining up!

On their top floor, there are a SKYRINK, I was so excited
but the fact was I never skate before in my life.
YAR, I mean this is my first time as Joewy seems keen to try, so let's try it out.
(I was thinking if I fall in HK is better than falling in KL ice skating rink
because nobody knows me here~LOLOLOL)

This is Joewy's foot! =DDD

After renting the shoes, and we are all SET!!!
(We are not allow to bring bags inside the rink so yar if you wanna see how weird I skate,
please stay tune on my video)

Joewy is buying snacks again~

Found a celebrity board that visited Dragon Centre before~~~

There are a segment in Dragon Centre like a mini night market in the 5th floor.
Selling a lot of different kind of things like clothing, handphone accessories , games,
souvenirs and etc.
(photos a bit blurred as I was taken by an action camera while walking,
I took these photos secretly just meant to show you~~~I am so kind right? =DD)

WOAH, this blurry look so cool!
(PS: I did not edit anything)

You can find a lot of big brands in Dragon Centre shopping mall, so make sure you list it down
on your itinerary on your next Hong Kong trip!

Next was 

Click on the website for more information.

There were a lot of SOLO in HONG KONG, but we visited the one in Causewaybay
because is near to our hotel. There are some bloggers friend intro SOLO to me
and they told me the shops there is selling very unique items in terms of Korean imported
clothing, some HK designer goods, Beauty Products and some beauty parlours.

So Joewy and I decide to just visit and take a look in SOLO.

Besides that, they also provide office working space for rent too.

The view is breathtaking!

There are not much people in this hour because we went there around 8pm after our dinner.
Some shops close around 8-9PM, so if possible visit them during afternoon is a better option.

SO yar, this blog is about where we done our shopping during our last month in HK.
I still miss Hong Kong and I will be back to visit SOLO during the afternoon!
(Since AirAsia Air Ticket to HK is affordable right?) =DDD

That's all for today, feel free to ask me question below the comment box
about the HK trip! Thanks for reading! See you soon! Muahhhh!


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