Saturday, August 20, 2016

Travel Hacks: How to stay in HONG KONG with RM30 per person/day in a nice studio!

Hi Internet!
Today I am doing a review of MINI STUDIO STANLEY.
If you are coming for a working trip or other reasons that require you to stay 
at least 1 MONTH in HK, this place is where you should consider because
 it's really value for money and you are staying inside a BUNGLO! 


And again, like the name, Mini, the concept is more or less like mini Hotel.
However, the difference is Mini Studio is a monthly basis and Mini Hotel is base on a daily basis.
The one room apartment is relatively mini too, but again, it had everything you need!
Mini Studio had a Living Hall that consists FREE USAGE of 2 iMacs, a Pool table, basketball machine and a small kitchen that you may cook some simple meals and a GYM room!

Of course, FREE WIFI too.
This few blocks is actually a BUNGLO before it became Mini Studio.
That is why the environment is very classy and the view on the top floor is amazing.

The people usually staying here for business purposes so you might meet some new friends
or even new business partner or even your future partner~ (just kidding, I mean, you have to fully utilise the chances you have right? =DDD)

The Monthly FEE is from 3,000HKD/ month (Apx RM1,600)(60-80sqf)
RM1600/30 days= RM53.40
RM53.40/2= RM26.70
(The room is for 1-2 person if you don't mind squeezing as the double bed in HK is smaller that what we had in Malaysia, if you have 2 person staying together, it's only less than RM30 a day!)

(APX 30 min from Stanley to HK Central with bus)

Cozy environment!

Coin operated washing machine

FREE USAGE OF basket ball machine!
(no coins needed)

Fridge for free usage, you can buy drinks, food, eggs and stored here.

Microwave and coffee maker.

Breath Taking view from the rooftop!

Let me bring you to the room!
All rooms are with it's own toilet. Walk ways all with air conditioning.

For LONG STAY, there are another option too.


This is also mini size room, but with basic facilities but with shared bathroom.
The location is strategic and MRT is just within few min walk distance.

The rooftop had a small kitchen so you may also cook simple meal and chill at the roof top.

The Monthly FEE is from 3,000HKD/ month (Apx RM1,600)(60-80sqf)
RM1600/30 days= RM53.40
RM53.40/2= RM26.70
(The room is for 1-2 person if you don't mind squeezing as the double bed in HK is smaller that what we had in Malaysia, if you have 2 person staying together, it's only less than RM30 a day!)

(2 min walk to Dragon Centre Shopping Mall)

Fridge & Microwave

So yar, that is all for today about a budget stay in Hong Kong but with a nice room!

For more information and booking details,
please click on the below link:

Hope you enjoy my post and see you soon!
*hugs & Kisses*


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